Recoverit Review: Saving Your Data from Deletion!

There’s nothing worse than losing a key piece of data from your computer. Whether you’re trying to move files around from computer to computer or you accidentally erased a file you meant to keep, lost data can be a disaster waiting to happen. At best, losing data is an inconvenience; at worst, it’s can interrupt your workflow and even cause harm to your company. Unfortunately, lost data isn’t a rare occurance for anyone who regularly handles hundreds of gigabytes of data for work, and that’s where Recoverit comes in. As an all-in-one data recovery suite, Recoverit Data Recovery can help you recover more than 1,000 types and formats of data from your Windows or macOS computer, helping you scan each drive plugged into your PC, your Recycle Bin or Trash folder, external devices, and even a computer that can no longer properly boot.

Of course, lost data isn’t something you want to experiment with, so it’s worth looking at Recoverit in full detail. As an app that’s been around since 2003, Recoverit is trusted by millions of users to save and restore data across multiple devices. Let’s take a look at what Recoverit can do for you and your data recovery needs.

What is Recoverit?

At its core, Recoverit is built around being able to quickly and easily recover files you’ve lost or deleted, including media formats like photos, videos, audio tracks, documents, project files, and spreadsheets. The app has more than 5 million users from around the world and has built its trusted reputation thanks to more than fifteen years in the data recovery business.

The app is designed for Windows or macOS, which means almost everyone looking to use Recoverit will be able to do so on their laptop or desktop. Unfortunately, Linux users won’t be supported by Recoverit. I’m testing the Windows app, which was quick to download and install on our PC. At just over 250MB, it’s a tiny application, which means you can keep it on your PC at all times without having to worry about running out of drive space. And that’s a good thing, because when it comes to lost data, you don’t want to mess around with installing applications and taking time away from finding your files.

There are three main features that make Recoverit stand above other data restoration apps: their wide support for file formats and storage formats, their advanced algorithm that allows the app to quickly find and recover lost data just by using its advanced search functionality, and most importantly, the ability to recover data from computers with crashed operating systems, unbootable hard drives, and virust-infected computers. To cover what makes Recoverit so great, we need to tackle these one by one.

Format Support

The most important thing about any recovery software is its support for a wide range of both file formats and drive formats. File formats are typically fairly easy: each type of file, from photos and videos to documents and project files for apps like Photoshop have their own file extensions, and recovery software being able to find these format types and restore them to your PC after they’ve been lost or mistakenly deleted is key. Thankfully, Recoverit supports more than 550 file extensions available, making it simple to recover your data no matter what you’ve lost. You can view the full file format list at Recoverits website, but with support for every major video, audio, photo, and document file format—plus more than 100 miscellaneous options—you’ll be all set to rescue your data.

Recoverit also allows you to preview many of these file extensions right within the app before restoring them to your PC, which means you don’t just have to know the file name to know you’ve found the right file. Being able to preview photos, videos, and documents right within the app is a must-have feature, and we’re glad to see it offered by Recoverit. Still, there were a few files types I wished were officially supported by Recoverit, including some of the more niche file extensions for apps in Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite.

More important than file extensions, however, is the drive format support offered by Recoverit. Your computer has multiple drives, both internal and external, with which you store data. From your standard HDD or SSD that contains your operating system, to external hard drives, flash drives, SD cards, and much more, being able to read each of these drives no matter the format is a must for any data recovery suite. In addition to standard disk formats for Windows and macOS, Recoverit includes support for most external formats, like FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, HFS, APFS, and more. I had no issues picking up any drives using Recoverit, which made it a great option to find content no matter the media it’s stored on.

Advanced Algorithms

As with any data recovery software, Recoverit uses its own algorithm to quickly scan and search for your files. With a clean, simple UI, Recoverit makes it easy to scan through documents with just a few clicks of your mouse, and with their advanced scanning formulas, find your content in absolutely no time. In my tests, scanning a 4TB external hard drive over USB took just over five minutes to complete, and scanning drives using PCIe slots took far less time, thanks to the faster data transfers. Recoverit features a data-analyzer engine that quickly read and sort data between file types and formats. With a touted data recovery rate of more than 96 percent, Recoverit has no issues finding and restoring your data, and indeed, I had no problems recovering data on a number of test drives.

Crashed OS Recovery

Though there are certainly times where you simply need to recover a deleted file, more often than not, data recovery software needs to be used on devices that are no longer working properly. Recoverit supports a number of ways to recover data from a computer than is no longer functioning, including devices with crashed operating systems, hard drives that are unable to boot, and virus-infected machines that may no longer be properly working. Recoverit is able to create WinPE bootable media from within the application itself in just a few simple steps, which means any device that can’t boot can still have its data recovered, so long as you have a working computer to install Recoverit on.

Being able to use Recoverit on a device that no longer functions properly is my personal favorite utility included with the software. Though it’s important to keep a backup of your files at all times, accidents happen, and I was personally able to recover data off a storage device after accidentally dropping a laptop and damaging one of the two PCIe slots. This is the killer feature of Recoverit, in my opinion, and makes it a must-have app for any consumer trying to restore their data.

Tiers and Pricing

Recoverit is available in multiple tiers, including a free tier that allows you to view your files before restoring them. The two paid tiers, Pro and Ultimate, offer buyers the ability to choose the features right for them. For anyone looking to buy into recovery software with a computer that functions normally, Pro is the obvious tier for them. This includes every single feature outlined both in this review and on Wondershare’s website, with one exception: bootable media. For that, you’ll need to upgrade to the Ultimate version for just a bit more cash. While it’s a bummer that those who don’t have a working computer will have to pay a bit more, it does mean that anyone looking for standard recovery software can save some cash while forgoing the bootable media option.

Recoverit is available with one month, one year, and lifetime licenses depending on your needs and your budget, and you can also order multiple licenses for separate PCs at once.


Anyone looking to recover files from both working and malfunctioning computers owes it to themselves to check out Recoverit. It’s one of the best data recovery suites I’ve ever seen, and it makes it surprisingly easy to restore any lost files from any machine, regardless of its state. With its 96 percent data recovery rate, Recoverit is perfect for finding those files you thought you lost, and for saving data from a destroyed or nearly-dead laptop. It comes highly recommended.

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