How to Remove the Audio from a Video

Posted by Arch on September 15, 2019
How to Remove the Audio from a Video

Oftentimes you don’t need the audio component of a video clip. In all fairness, the background noise might with the track you choose for the video, unless you are shooting an interview.

Back in the day, you needed some serious editing skills to remove the audio track from your clip. Nowadays, however, things are much easier and anybody can do it with the help of the right software. This write-up focuses on free apps and the methods don’t require any prior video or audio editing experience.


If you are a Mac user iMovies is probably preinstalled on your computer. This is a macOS-only app, but Windows alternatives like Movavi Video Editor and Filmore offer the same functions.

Mind you, some Windows apps only offer a free trial period. Anyway, check out how to remove audio using iMovie.

Step 1

Import your clip into iMovie and drag it into the timeline to reveal the video and audio sections. The audio is under the clip and in blue.

how to remove the audio from video

Step 2

Select the video in the timeline and right-click on it to reveal the pop-up menu. If you are using a touchpad, do a two-finger tap to get the same result.

Remove the Audio from a Video

Click Detach Audio in the menu and the audio track pops down and turns green. The shortcut for this action is Alt + Cmd + B.

Step 3

Right-click on the green audio section and choose Delete from the menu. Your clip is now audio-free and you can export it.

Step 4

Select File in the toolbar and navigate down to the Share menu. iMovie allows you to share the clip directly to social media or save it locally on your computer.

remove the audio from video

You can also name your clip and add tags that should make the video more searchable.

Note: The principle for removing audio from video is the same on all editing apps; free, paid, professional, or beginner. Split the audio from the video component, select it, and delete it from the timeline. This also applies to Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro.


VLC is one of the most popular video players, but did you know it’s a great tool for removing audio from video clips? The best thing about it is that it works on both PC and Mac and is completely free. Here’s how to remove audio with it.

Step 1

Open your video in VLC, click on File in the toolbar and select Convert/Stream from the drop-down menu.


The shortcut for Convert/Stream is Shift + Cmd + S on a Mac and Shift + Ctrl + S on a PC.

Step 2

In the Convert & Stream window, select Customize under Choose Profile. This brings up a comprehensive menu through which you can tweak encapsulation, audio and video codecs, as well as subtitles.


Note: For some reason, your clip might not appear in the Convert & Stream window. If this happens, open the clip from the Drop Media Here section.

Step 3

Select the Video Codec tab and tick the box in front of “Keep original video track.” Next, move onto the Audio Codec tab and uncheck the box in front of Audio.

audio codec

As for the encapsulation, it can stay at MP4/MOV. Once you are done just hit the Apply button and you can save your clip.

Note: The VLC method has been tested on a Mac but the exact same steps apply on a PC.


Clideo is a free browser-based tool that allows you to remove audio from a clip. It is great if you need to cut the audio on the go because the tool works on any device and browser.

remove audio from video

You just need to drag and drop the clip on the designated area and the online app automatically does its magic. The downside is that the process takes quite some time.

We’ve tested it with a 30-second 1080p clip shot on an iPhone and it took about three to five minutes to get the results. Plus, there is a Clideo watermark if you decide to go with the free version.


You might not know that YouTube allows you to remove audio from your video after you’ve uploaded it. It is very easy to use this feature, although it might seem hidden at first.

Go to the video manager window on your YouTube channel and navigate to the clip that doesn’t need audio. Click Edit to reveal the drop-down menu and select Audio. You’ll be taken to the clip preview window and all you need to do is move the volume slider all the way to the left.

Afterward, click the Save button and confirm your choice in the pop-up window. It takes YouTube some time to process the changes. During that time your followers will be able to hear the audio.

Is the Volume on?

Editing and video manipulation tools have never been more accessible. What’s more, there are great apps that allow you to get more than just basic editing options on your mobile device, too. And learning how to remove audio is just the first step to creating a like-worth clip.

Do you have any experience with video editing software? If not, do you find our audio-removal methods easy to understand? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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