How To Remove Predictive Text On Galaxy S9

Most recent smartphones come with a lot of attributes that make them acceptable, accessible, and useful for a broad range of people. One of the qualities that makes the Galaxy S9 stand out is the Predictive Text feature, which offers suggestions while you’re typing, so you don’t have to individually type out every word if you don’t want to. To make this feature better, Samsung has made it possible to activate and deactivate this feature at any time, so you only need to use it if you think it’s useful.

If you would like to know more about the Predictive Text feature and some other settings, then you should continue reading this article. Below, we’ll walk your through how to deactivate and activate Predictive Text, and we’ll walk you through a few other features.

How to Deactivate Predictive Text on Samsung Galaxy S9

  1. Use your finger to move from the top of your screen to have access to Quick Settings and then click on Settings.
  2. Move down to Language and Input, click on the Keyboard and Input section, and tap on Virtual Keyboard.
  3. Finally, select your keyboard’s name–Google Keyboard by default–and tap on the Predictive Text from the list with available settings, then toggle off the Show Suggestions feature.

After following the steps above, the Predictive Text feature will not be active anymore. An alternative and faster way of doing this is by pinning the Settings icon from the Apps tray to the Home screen of your device. This will make it easier to access anytime you want to use it.  

Dealing with the Text Correction Option on Samsung Galaxy S9

If you type on your Galaxy S9 a lot, then you may eventually realize that the Text Correction feature on your Galaxy S9 sometimes edits and rewrites words that are not actually wrong, especially when typing a name or any other word that you often use. To break it down, you are allowed to register words that you usually use but that your phone isn’t automatically recognizing, and insert them into your Galaxy S9’s dictionary. This will ensure that your Galaxy S9 recognizes these words as correct and that it won’t try to rewrite them anymore

Other Available Features on the Samsung Galaxy S9

  • Displaying correction suggestions, so you can pick the correct option if what you’re typing could be several other words.
  • Creating custom words. This feature works by making a note of words that you often type on your other Google services
  • Presenting your contact names as suggestions.

The Gesture Typing on Samsung Galaxy S9

In addition to the Text Correction menu, there is also another feature called the Gesture Typing menu. Users are allowed to freely use the feature to make it easier for them to type on their Galaxy S9.  The job of this feature is to automatically insert spaces between words to make the message readable, and there is also the Gesture Trail itself.

Advanced Settings on Samsung Galaxy S9

There are also other features, like the ability to register an extended press key function. For example, if you often type the word office, you can register that word so that anytime you type the first letter of it, your device will automatically bring up that word. Hence, you can also make some specific keys to represent a particular word on your Galaxy S9. Soon enough, you’ll be able to type in your very own form of shorthand.

To make things even more personal for users of the Galaxy S9, Samsung has also made it possible to deactivate the automatic sending of stats to Google.

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