How To Remove Someone from a Text Message Group on the iPhone

Posted by Jamie on May 13, 2019

If you want to remove someone from a text message group on the iPhone, it is easier than you might think in iMessage. This tutorial was prompted by personal experience from one of the members of our team who was being trolled on a message group they were part of. The person in question targeted our friend and wouldn’t let things go even when others in the group asked him to drop it. We were forced to remove him from the text message group.

TechJunkie knows we aren’t the only ones to suffer this kind of toxicity which is why we put this post together. First I’ll show you how to remove someone from the message group in iMessage and then I will cover some coping mechanisms to help with managing trolls on iPhone text message threads and elsewhere. Trolls are people who intentionally offend or provoke others in order to start an argument (aka “flame war”) on social media, online forums, text messaging groups, and elsewhere.

Remove someone from text message group in iMessage

Even if you’re not being trolled, being added to a particularly active group or one with extreme political or religious views can be a pain too. Whatever your reasons for wanting to remove someone from a text message group, this is how you do it:

  1. Open the group chat that the person is a part of
  2. Select the blue ‘i’ for Info icon in the top right to open the list of group members.
  3. Select the person you want to remove from the group chat.
  4. Swipe left to right on their name and select Remove when the popup appears.
  5. Select Remove again to confirm.

This immediately removes that individual from your message group.

Mute a conversation in iMessage

If someone is being less toxic but is still annoying, it might be better just to mute the conversation. This involves less hassle and saves you from a confrontation.

  1. Open the group chat on your iPhone.
  2. Select the blue ‘i’ for Info icon in the top right to open the list of group members.
  3. Select Hide Alerts at the bottom of the group window.

This will stop any conversation alerts hitting your phone, effectively ignoring them.

You can also stop messages from an individual in a group too.

  1. Open the group chat on your iPhone.
  2. Select the blue ‘i’ for Info icon in the top right to open the list of group members.
  3. Select the individual you want to block and select Block this Caller.
  4. Go back to the Group window and select Done.

That last step is important as iMessage won’t always block the person unless you confirm in the group window.

Start a new Group Chat that excludes the Troll

If you’re not the one who initiated the group chat and others are responding to the troll, you may have to just remove yourself from the group chat, then start a new message group that excludes the troll. If you then send a message letting the group know why you’ve started the new message group, then people can mute or remove themselves from the original group and continue the more civil conversation in the new group.

Handing trolls in message groups

Every village as its idiot the same as every social network or message group has its troll. Social media and group conversations have provided a platform for everyone to have their say and unfortunately the old adage of “if you do not anything nice to say, do not say anything at all” seems to have been forgotten in many corners of the Internet.

If you’re the target of a toxic individual, learning how to handle them can avoid having to pull away from groups or social media and provide genuine peace of mind.

Here are a few ways to handle trolls online.

Don’t feed the troll

Everyone has heard the saying ‘Don’t feed the troll’. That’s because it’s true. Most people who act out online need feedback from their victims to thrive. If you deny them the attention or conflict they crave, they will soon stop and move on. Trolls crave attention and emotional responses so if the troll doesn’t get a response then their trolling attempt fails.

When people say ‘ignore them and they will go away’ there is a genuine psychological reason for that. It’s like a feedback loop. Someone says something just to get a reaction. Any reaction they do get feeds them and encourages more. Don’t feed that need and they are driven to get their satiation somewhere else.

Remember, the number one rule for handling Trolls is “Don’t feed the Trolls.”

Keep your cool

In a group situation, it’s very easy to come out on top of a troll by maintaining your cool. Even if you’re shouting or throwing things in your room, as long as you’re a cool customer in the group chat, you will win.

That means not responding in kind or stooping to their level and responding in a reasoned and reasonable way if you have to respond at all. In most situations, it’s best to not respond at all as soon as you realize someone’s a troll. It sometimes takes a bit of interaction for it to dawn on your that you’re dealing with a troll.

If you find that you and others have already reacted to the troll, giving them attention, it’s still not too late to stop feeding the troll, starving the troll, and letting the conflict lose momentum.

Don’t give them an excuse

Oftentimes, people troll us because we give them the opportunity to do so. Consider what you say online and how it could be taken or misconstrued. We have all seen how a tweet or message has been taken out of context and ended up in a flame war with the original message being deleted along with that person’s user account.

Not getting to that point can have serious benefits to your mental health. Spending an extra two seconds reading your message or taking a breath and thinking before responding to a message can avoid being trolled altogether. Trolls aren’t worth the stress and emotional energy.

Remember, don’t feed the trolls.

Do you have any suggestions for how to avoid trolls in text messaging groups, social media, and online forums? If so, please comment below.

3 thoughts on “How To Remove Someone from a Text Message Group on the iPhone”

Lydian Tone says:
I’m having the same issues not able to swipe left or right on a name to remove it from a group text message 🙁
Kim says:
I’m having the same issue. It doesn’t work
Corinne Rebillard says:
I’ve tried to remove someone from a group text numerous times by following your instructions and it’s not working. I tried swiping to the right AND to the left (because other Google search results said to swipe to the left) and no “Remove” option pops up. Does everyone in the group text need to be using an iPhone for this to work? Because I know at least two people in the group aren’t on iPhones (the person I’m trying to delete IS on an iPhone).

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