How to Remove Windows 10’s Built-in Apps

Posted by Matthew on July 13, 2016

Windows 10 includes a few built-in apps such as 3D Builder, Camera, Get Office and Mail and Calendar. These aren’t listed on the default uninstaller in Windows 10, so you can’t remove them with that. However, you can still remove them with PowerShell or 10AppsManager. 10AppsManager is a freeware tool that you can quickly remove built-in apps with.

First, open this page on The Windows Club site and click the Download File button there. That will save the compressed Zip file to Windows 10. You’ll need to open the Zip in File Explorer and then press the Extract all button to set up an extracted folder. Enter a folder path in the text box and press the Extract button. Then you can open the window below from the extracted 10AppsManager folder.

windows 10 apps

That window includes 23 of Windows 10’s built-in apps. Now click an icon on that window to delete its app. A small window pops up asking for further confirmation to delete app. Press the Yes button to remove the app from Windows 10.

That’s pretty much it, and you can reinstall the apps with PowerShell if you ever find you need them after all. Click the Reinstall button to open the guidelines shown below. That provides further details on how you can restore the app with PowerShell.

windows 10 apps2

Alternatively, you can always set up a restore point just before you delete some apps with 10AppsManager. Enter ‘restore point’ in the Cortana search box and select Create a restore point to open the window directly below. Click the Create button to set up the new restore point, which you can then run by pressing the System Restore button. That will restore the deleted apps.

windows 10 apps3

So that’s how you can quickly uninstall Windows 10’s built-in apps. As these apps amount to a few megabytes, removing some of the less essential ones will free up some disk storage space.

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