How To Report Someone on Discord

Posted by Jamie on May 2, 2019

Despite its name meaning disagreement, Discord is actually a great place to hang out. Originally designed for gamers, the appeal soon spread to cover all kinds of people and hobbies across the world. Whenever you get people together like this, problems can arise that you may not be able to handle on your own. This tutorial will show you how to handle toxicity and how to report someone on Discord.

The vast majority of Discord users are calm, sensible and just want to hang out, have a chat and discuss ideas and their hobbies. You will always get one or two that want to spoil it for everyone but those are thankfully rare on most servers. When it happens, other people will shut them down or the channel admin will step in. On those rare occasions when that doesn’t happen, it’s up to that admin to take it further.

Reporting someone is usually a last resort. Channel admins can mute or kick toxic people from channels long before that happens. There may be extremes of behavior or situations when reporting is as much a duty of care to others as necessity.

Reporting someone on Discord

To report someone on Discord, they must have broken a community guideline. Those guidelines are fairly clear and cover the majority of incidents likely to happen on the platform.

To action a report, Discord will need the User ID, a link to the message(s) the person is being reported for and the Server ID. Do not delete the messages from the person you’re reporting as they will be needed for evidence.

If you’re the channel admin, you need to do this:

  1. Navigate to Settings and Appearances to turn on Developer Mode.
  2. Right click the user and select Copy ID for the User ID.
  3. Paste it somewhere safe.
  4. Select the three dots to the right of the message you’re reporting and select Copy Link.
  5. Paste it somewhere safe.
  6. Right click your server name in the channel list and select Copy ID.
  7. Paste it somewhere safe.
  8. Visit this link and add all the information necessary into the report request.

The Discord Trust & Safety team will investigate your report and go from there.

Reporting is a last resort but is sometimes necessary for the more toxic or relentless people on a server. As an admin, you do have other tools at your disposal such as the kick or ban. You could use either of these as well as reporting as long as you don’t delete the message being reported.

Kick someone on Discord

To kick someone from a Discord channel, you need to be the admin. Once done, the person will be removed from the channel. They will be able to rejoin but only once you or someone with the correct privileges gives them permission.

  1. Select the correct channel within Discord.
  2. Select the user from the user list.
  3. Right click their username and select Kick.
  4. Select Kick again to confirm.

The Kick option will have the user’s name beside it to avoid mistakes. Once kicked they will be removed from the server and will not be able to return until you allow them to come back. Some users aside from admins will have the privileges to bring the person back. If you suspect that might happen, add something into your channel terms about consulting admins first or talk directly to your users to avoid it happening.

Ban someone on Discord

Kicking protects your channel from toxicity but if that person has friends within the channel, they could soon reappear. Then you bring the banhammer and block them for good. You will need to be the channel owner or admin to do this.

  1. Select the channel the user is in.
  2. Select the user from the list.
  3. Right click their username and select Ban.
  4. Select Ban again to confirm.

Like the Kick, Ban will have the username beside it to avoid making a mistake. This time, only the channel owner or admin will be able to lift the ban. If the person has a friend with admin rights, it might be a good time to remove those rights or have a chat with that person about allowing them back.

Discord is generally a great place to be and aside from the usual banter, is a positive place for like-minded people to hang out. If your channel does suffer from toxicity or a generally annoying user, you have the tools to manage it. Don’t be afraid to use those tools for the good of your channel!

3 thoughts on “How To Report Someone on Discord”

John says:
I was in a group chat and someone was bullying me and calling me a clown and that i’m a retard,
also they were sexually harassing a girl
Persons ID: 663524803369762846
Cathay 3520 says:
I was in a small server and I found the server owner who has 2 accounts is being rude and started bullying me. After an argument I got banned with no reason told.I hope there is some option when the owner is being rude and I don’t have permission to warn,kick or even do anything to the rude owner.
A says:
lol what? this is how it is /b/tard, grow up.
Kevin says:
Someone on your service is violating copyright laws by playing music through your system. The person can be banned for life or i send the 1000’s of artist screen shots to their publishing companies. I get kicked for nothing and this is HUGE. His screen name is gigatime2010#7465

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