How To Hard Factory Reset the Samsung Intensity 3

Posted by Arch on June 30, 2019
Samsung Intensity 3 Factory Reset

First released way back in 2009, Intensity line is one of the last side-slider phones. There are three models in the line and the Intensity 3 is the most recent iteration. Although the basic functions are the same, the latest model SCH-U485 (Intensity 3) has arguably better looks and an improved camera.

Be it as it may, these phones are still quite old and might be prone to hiccups. And while a simple restart might resolve the problems, if the issues persist you might need to do a factory/hard reset. It’s important to note that a factory reset completely wipes your phone, so there are some steps to be taken before you proceed.

Before You Start

As these phones use a proprietary Samsung OS, doing a backup is quite different compared to your average Android smartphones. That said these phones do feature a microSD slot that can take up to 32 GB memory cards. So it’s best to keep all the important data on the SD card to avoid losing it after the reset.

In any case, you can easily take out the card and transfer the information to your computer via an SD card reader. The following steps will show you how to move the contacts to the SD card. Plus, the same steps should work for those who own the original Intensity and Intensity 2.

Before You Start

Step 1

Navigate to Contacts/Address book and open the app. Select Options and navigate to Manage Contacts.

Step 2

You’ll need to unlock the contacts to make changes and it should be the same PIN you use to unlock the phone or SIM card. Once unlocked, choose Mark all, and move them to the SD card.

On the other hand, the contacts might already be on the SD card. In this case, you should press the big button in the center to access the menu, then navigate to Settings & Tools. Go down and select Memory, choose Memory Card, then select My Contacts.

Note: The options above are far down the menu, My Contacts is at the 7th place and Memory at 10th.

Afterward, press Options again and choose Mark All, then move them to the desired location, back to the phone after the reset, for example. You can also move contacts one by one.

Intensity 3 Hard Reset

With your contacts safely stashed on the memory card, you can proceed and do a hard reset. Mind you, this method requires the lock code. By default, it should be the final four digits of the phone number or four zeros.

Step 1

Press the big button in the center to enter the menu and navigate to Settings & Tools. Under this menu, find Phone Settings and press the central button once more to enter.

Step 2

Choose Security and you’ll be prompted to provide the 4-digit passcode mentioned above. After unlocking the options, select Restore Phone, make sure Yes is highlighted (use the navigation keys), and press OK twice.

Step 3

Now, you need to enter the password again and press OK. This initiates the reset process and in a few seconds your phone will restart and boot up clean.

When to Do a Factory Reset?

If your phone restarts on its own or significantly slows down, it’s probably the time to do a factory reset. The same applies if you frequently experience app and phone crashes. Sometimes these phones may just freeze on you. In such cases, you should take out the battery, then put it back in to make the phone work.

Unlike most contemporary smartphones, the Intensity line has the modest processing power and doesn’t handle well lack of free memory. To potentially avoid factory resets and memory issues, there should always be at least 15% free space on your Intensity 3.

Intensity 3 Interesting Specs

Although not a smartphone, Intensity 3 can connect to cellular networks and comes with mobile Opera as a default browser. With this in mind, we’d like to know if you use this smartphone for browsing and what it is like. So don’t forget to write a few lines in the comments section below.

Intensity 3 Interesting Specs

More impressively, this phone is ruggedized, which means it’s designed to take a lot of beating. It’s supposed to withstand shocks, temperature changes, high humidity, and dust. And there’s the 1000 mAh Li-ion battery.


According to the manufacturer, the standby time is stunning 312 hours or about 13 days, and the talk time is 5 hours.

In the Name of Vintage Tech

Although some of the Intensity 3 features seem quite dated by today’s standards, this phone is a tough little thing. According to some user reviews, the battery life lives up to the specs and the phone does live to tell the tale even if frequently exposed to adverse conditions.

And after all, the factory resets can be considered as regular phone maintenance you might need to do from time to time.

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