How To Reset Security Questions for your Apple ID

Posted by Arch on November 8, 2018

In this day and age, your online security is of utmost importance. Security questions are there to help verify your identity. Apple, like most other reputable companies, takes the integrity of your personal information very seriously. This is why it takes a few steps before you can reset your Apple ID security questions.

There is no need to worry if you forgot the security questions, though. Apple devised a comprehensive step-by-step process to help you reset the information and get back on track. There is also an option to set up the so-called two-factor authentication if you don’t want to bother with security questions.

Either way, here is a simple guide on how to reset security questions for Apple ID.

Resetting the Questions

Before you start resetting the security questions, you should first go to  iforgot.apple.com. Type your Apple ID and click on Continue to initiate the process. From there on, you should take the following steps:

1. Check the Resetting Option

After you sign in with your Apple ID, check “I need to reset my security questions” and click on Continue. You will be taken to another window, where you will have to type your Apple ID again and then confirm by selecting Continue.

2. Follow the Instructions

This step is crucial if you want to successfully reset your Apple ID security questions. An onscreen step-by-step guide will ask you to provide certain information as proof of your identity. The type of information you are required to give is different for every user.

In general, Apple factors in the details of your account and a few other security features to ensure that you are the person who’s making the changes. You should know that there is a possibility not to get any verification options. It means that resetting the security questions is not possible at that given moment.

If there are no verification options it might mean that you’ve entered wrong answers to security questions too many times. In that case, you should wait for a while before attempting to reset the questions again.

3. Set New Security Questions

On the other hand, if the second step goes well, you will be taken to the window which allows you to reset the security questions. There are three different security questions and answers you need to set. It should go without saying that you need to choose them wisely.

Once you are happy with the questions and answers, click on Continue to finalize the changes.

How to Choose Security Questions

Security questions are the secondary authentication method Apple uses to verify your identity. A general rule of thumb is to choose questions that cannot be easily guessed by others. At the same time, you do need to remember the answers to your questions.

In all fairness, remembering the answers to the questions might be easier said than done, especially if you follow some security tips and chose a nonsense answer. A way around this is to go for some very particular personal information. For example, your grandma’s maiden name is a piece of information that is not that easily guessed, but you should have no problem remembering it.

The grandma’s maiden name is just a suggestion and you should think carefully about the answer and the question that is unique to you. This way, you avoid the trouble of having to change the questions yet again to ensure that your account doesn’t get temporarily blocked.

Two-Factor Authentication

If security questions are a bit troublesome for you, there is an option to use two-factor authentication to keep your account bulletproof. This authentication method ensures that you are the only person accessing the account even if someone else gets a hold of your password.

Two-factor authentication essentially means that your Apple account can only be accessed on the devices you trust. If you get a new Apple device, you are required to provide your password and a 6-digit authentication code to sign in. Here is how to set up two-factor authentication:

1. Launch the Settings App

Once inside the Settings app, tap on your name and choose Password & Security.

2. Select Turn On Two-Factor Authentication

After you’ve turned on two-factor authentication, tap on Continue to confirm your choice.

3. Select a Phone Number

Since you will be receiving verification codes upon sign-in, you need to enter a phone number where you want the codes to arrive. There are two verification options – via a phone call and text message. After you enter the phone number and choose your verification method, Apple will send you a code to verify the number and enable two-factor authentication.


It might be frustrating to realize that you don’t actually remember your Apple ID security questions. However, you shouldn’t panic or worry since, in most cases, you can reset the questions quite easily. Additionally, the two-factor authentication feature gives you an extra layer of security to keep your account intact.

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