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Posted by Andrew on March 6, 2019

As a rule, people associate the retirement with the end. However, the retirement is the beginning of new opportunities to change the life!
The retirement of somebody from your colleagues or your own one is the best opportunity to express your feelings and attitude to all coworkers. Don`t be indifferent! Care to leave a note or SMS with retirement congratulations. Everybody will enjoy getting a genuine retirement message with congratulations on the retirement!
Even if you don`t get on well with these people, you should leave a good farewell impression! You may put all your thoughts into a bright retirement card or send colorful images with short retirement congratulations. In the case, you don`t want to puzzle over good retirement wishes, it`s possible to use already completed messages with happy retirement greetings and quotes.
It doesn`t matter if you know a person for a long time or not, `cause a few simple words of wishes, said in the honor of your colleague`s retirement, as well as retirement congratulations for a friend will always be up to date!

Simple Messages about Retirement for Everybody

The retirement shouldn`t be a hard task. It`s a simple step, which a person has to take without any regrets when the time comes. Interesting retirement messages will help everybody to make the right decision!

  • I really hope that you will be happy, and healthy, and have a plenty of things that will keep you busy when you enter your retirement.
  • Since you head on over your retirement, I ‘d like to let you know that no one will ever be able to replace your intelligence and charm.
  • Don’t think of your retirement as an end. Look at it as at the beginning, something that opens the new chapter of your life.
  • Our workplace will never know a better embodiment of hard work and optimism. You have been inspiring us every day at work and we are here to thank you. We are going to miss you.
  • Happy Retirement! Finally, you will have the whole new chapter of your life ahead, which is  relaxing and cool and it offers you unlimited time for enjoy your life.
  • Such a good worker as you can be taken out of the workplace, but the atmosphere of the workplace can never be taken out of you. We are sure that you will never stop working on things which you love doing. Happy Retirement!
  • If you want to find a happy medium in life. Retire like it is your job, and work like you are retired.
  • Those who know how to be happy and fulfilled in the workplace will likely find the way feel be happy when they are retired because retirement opens even more possibilities for that.

Cheerful Words Connected with the Retirement

When the time of somebody`s retirement comes, people are used to be sad and depressed. Cheerful words with happy retirement wishes will turn the retirement into a fun occasion!

  • Let us give you wish you a very happy retirement. We all are here to thank you for everything you’ve done for us and the office directly and indirectly. Your work is much appreciated and we are going to miss working with you. And the last but not the least, if you choose for yourself that the retirement means that it is time for you to follow artistic dreams, go for them…
  • Without your help, guidance and encouragement I and many other coworkers wouldn’t thrive in such a very competitive environment. We were really lucky to have your priceless experience to rely on. We will miss you here, but you should know that retirement is always the right thing. May the next chapter of your life bring you everything you have been looking for and more.
  • Over these past few years I have had a pleasure to work with you and I must say it was a real blessing. You have no idea of how much we will all miss you.  After I wished you congratulations on your retirement, you wrote your response in a note and I just want you to know that your uplifting words encouraged me more than ever before. I could not even imagine that I would get a chance to work with such an amazing and special person.
  • After this retirement, life will just start and all the good things will make their way to you! We’ll miss you.
  • I am sure that you know that, but I wanted to remind one more time that I find a lot of your ideas the most inspiring things that I ever heard. It’s always hard to say goodbyes to someone who retires and we can’t even imagine this workplace without you. But retirement presents you with the time and the chance to do whatever you have always wanted to, but didn’t get to because of work. All the best wishes for your retirement!
  • It would be such an understatement to say that you will be missed here. You are truly one of a kind. It’s so rare to meet a person who could become a friend instead of “just” a coworker instantaneously. You are one of these people. Working with you was a blessing and I won’t find such words that could describe how much we will miss it. Well, at least we have Facebook to see what’s happening in each other’s life. So, as you retire, you get a chance to show the world how fun it can be a retired.
  • You are the person who always gives their best, whether it’s work or hobbies. May your retirement be the best and most fulfilling time you ever had. Enjoy your life! Cheers to your retirement!
  • It’s great to see you retire because you deserve it more than anyone else. Just make sure you work as hard at relaxation and having fun as you did in your long career.
  • A person should retire while he still has a lot of good and capable years of life to go. I am glad that you get to retire at this point. The best is ahead. Congratulations!

Best Ideas of Congratulations on Your Retirement

Don`t have at least one sincere person to wish you a happy retirement? Choose these wonderful congratulations on your retirement to please yourself!

  • We sincerely say thank you for everything you brought to the workplace. It’ll never be the same without you. We will miss you. The heartfelt sentiments overwhelm us since your retirement is here. Congrats!
  • Congrats on your retirement! It’s been a pleasure and honor to work alongside you all these years. Retirement is great, because you finally have fun, relax and avoid work at all costs!
  • When God decided to give me a gift, He gave me such a great person like you as my coworker. I will never forget you and will miss you every day. Wishing you an awesome retirement ahead of you.
  • Your retirement is a great time not only for you, but also for your family. So, as you start the new chapter of your life, wish you to enjoy all of the wonderful moments and the extra time you get to spend with your close ones.
  • Since you are retiring we’d like to wish you good luck, good health, and great success in it.
  • So here you are, you have gone through birth, crawling, walking, school, and many years of work to finally reach the best period of your life – retirement. Now you can finally relax and live for yourself!
  • Happy retirement! In case you didn’t know, it is the life devoid of daily traffic jams and tons of paper work. My dear friend, we’re glad to welcome you in this rosy life.
  • When they were telling you all about hard work that would be paid off, they meant retirement. Finally you can go on a vacation which you have wanted for so long. This time you don’t have to worry about the necessity to go to work the next day. You totally deserved it! Happy Retirement!

Short Greetings on Somebody`s Retirement

You don`t need to use the abundance of words to congratulate a person with his or her retirement. Short greetings with the deep sense are enough to pass your warm feelings!

  • Retirement means freedom with its unlimited weekends. What can be better than that? Enjoy your retirement! Congratulations!
  • As soon as you retire, start listening to your heart and it’ll show you the best way to spend this time. Congratulations on your retirement!
  • Do you know what retirement means? It means that you have finally been promoted to one of the best positions and life roles. Congratulations.
  • If you have ever been wondering why you should tolerate an annoying boss or put up with colleagues that irritate you – your retirement will answer this question. Congratulations on your retirement!
  • Thanks to you this place became such a great place to work! It’s true, we will miss your jokes and your smiling face, and we also hope that you’ll find time to visit us sometimes. Partner, it’s not “farewell”, it’s “see you soon”!
  • What makes a successful team? It’s one mind that guides a group of many hands. We are so glad that we worked with a boss like you, patient, wise and understanding. And now we’re wishing you a happy retirement!
  • The fact that you managed to retire at this young age is another proof of your intelligence.
  • As you are heading on over your retirement, remember that it does not signify the end of the road, on the contrary, it means the beginning of the new open highway.

Good Wishes of Happy Retirement for a Friend

The retirement of your best friend is also a very special event for you! You cannot do without the help of retirement wishes for him or her to be a good friend!

  • Retirement is here, my friend, and it reminds you that from now on you are free as a bird. Now you can find something a lot less stressful to do and enjoy your life and freedom to the fullest. Wish a happy retirement to you.
  • Isn’t it just the perfect time for retirement? Well, frankly speaking, any time is perfect to retire. We are glad to see your happy face since you have finally got to this point.
  • You have finally made it to your retirement! It’s great, isn’t it? Here’s my first idea to show how beautiful life can be – let’s go fishing!!
  • Your retirement is a chance to see the new you. Are you ready for discovering a lot of interesting things at this stage? Go there and show everybody what does “have some fun” mean! Happy retirement!
  • Retirement gives you a lot of new things like the time to start something new, perhaps, new challenges, and definitely the new you. Happy retirement. We wish you to have strong health and lots of joyful moments for every single day!
  • The passion and devotion you worked with is something we’d like to say thank you for. Your work is very much appreciated and we hope that you know that. We wish you good luck in entering this new period of life called retirement!
  • You have always been an example of what a successful employee has to look like for all of us. So if there is anyone who deserves to spend life in peace and prosperity, this person is definitely you. That’s exactly what we wish you now when you retire. Have lots of great moments, good rest and joy. You deserved that. Happy retirement!
  • For a hard-working person as you are it will be difficult to quit your working habits, stop solving business problems and start living without occasional nervousness which you had in your everyday life. But what we also know is how great you are at adjusting to the new things. You’ll make it with the new regime and it will be much more enjoyable than the one at work. Happy retirement!
  • Here it is, the new cycle of life which will be much more peaceful and enjoyable. You will finally get a chance to devote yourself to the ones you love and care about the most. Hope your days will be filled with happiness and health. Congratulations on moving into the most awesome life phase! Happy retirement!

Different Wishes to Feel Well on Retirement

It`s ok to feel nervous about the retirement. The most important thing is to have a person, able to support you well at the right moment! The variety of retirement wishes are here to help you!

  • You are a wonderful worker and colleague. Even though you are leaving, your spirit and positive energy will still guide us to move forward! Happy retirement!
  • As you retiring from your work, I hope your life will become even better and happier. Have fun! Happy Retirement!
  • From now on there’s no need to set an alarm clock and then wake up to the awful sound of it beckoning you to work. Finally, you get to enjoy your time whether it’s golfing, or cooking, or driving around town in a car. If you aren’t ready for this stuff, maybe, we could switch places? Happy Retirement!
  • Retirements are the doors that lead to better things. From now on you are the only boss. To the new beginning and new endeavors!
  • You have always been one of those people who knew how to bring out the best in others. That’s why it will be impossible to find someone else who could replace such a great coworker as you. Thank you for everything you did. Good bye and good luck!
  • It was a pleasure to witness how you reach your goals. Retirement is one of those goals. It holds a lot of new beginnings for you so make sure you take everything that retirement has to offer you.
  • You’ve worked hard your entire life so that this day would come and open the new chapter for you. What we can say, you deserve to be happy. All the best for a happy retirement!
  • You are truly an amazing co-worker, the best one I get to work with. I am grateful for all the little tips and tricks that you taught me along the way. They are helpful. Moreover, you are an inspiration to all of us. Congratulations on your well-earned retirement days.

Wise Quotes to Use for Happy Retirement

You should be clever enough to understand the importance of the retirement for your future life! Dip into the variety of retirement quotes to see how happy you may be after your retirement!

  • There have been good days and bad days here at work, but you are the only person that never gives up or bows down in defeat. That’s the most valuable lesson you gave us. Hope this courage and strength will take you far, and hope you will enjoy your retirement. Best wishes to you.
  • Always having you around has been great because your good mood was so contagious. But now it’s time to move one and let you go so you could enjoy the time being retired. Though it’ll be hard because we will never find anyone else who bakes as delicious cakes as you!
  • You did it! You finally can escape from our weekly Monday morning staff meetings for good. Here’s to your final escape – retirement!
  • You deserve to have the best retirement ever because of your hard work and dedication. This is a new journey of your life so enjoy it!
  • May your retirement be the most exciting, full of fun and stress-free retirement ever.
  • You can finally spend all of the savings you have worked so hard for. For instance, spend them on traveling the world or buying that car that you have wanted for years! You deserve this retirement! Congratulations!
  • When a husband retires, a wife starts her real full-time job. You’re a good husband, so won’t let this happen.
  • In other words, retirement is weekends that last seven days a week all year long. If this isn’t a perfect life, then I don’t know what else is. You deserve all the best things – congratulations!

Some Ways to Enjoy Your Retirement Card

The retirement is something like a long-awaited event for you if you know how to enjoy the life fully. If you are one of these optimistic people, a joyful card will be a great pleasure for your retirement!

  • Did you know that we started placing bets about how long it will take you to start begging to come back to us? 😊… Well, that’s what we all secretly hope for. The crew will be incomplete without you, that’s for sure. Just so you know, we are happy for you finally get a chance to sit back and have fun, but we will miss you. Enjoy your retirement, buddy! You deserve it!
  • Frankly, I envy you so much because you have finally got all the free time just for yourself, but I am also sad to see you leave. Hope the new journey will be fun and you will be ready for everything life gives you. Goodbye and good luck with retirement.
  • In terms of work, it is farewell, our friend. And the office will never be the same without you. But in terms of life, it is the new beginning where you are happy, plant your garden, travel the world and do what other old folks like doing.
  • Make the most of your retirement! Make it the best time of your life by spending it with your family and friends and doing all the things that make you feel happy.
  • Your retirement is the wildest party of your life that is about to start, so make sure you have enough of drinks, good music and tasty food. Happy retirement.
  • There are only two crucial things in retirement: you have to have much money to live on and much love to live for.
  • Believe us when we say that you are one of a kind and that it will be impossible to replace you at work. We will miss you a lot, so please don’t forget to come here to visit us. Enjoy your retirement.

Retirement Congratulations for a Touching Note

A note is a good deal for you if somebody is going to retire! Write your warm congratulations on retirement on the piece of paper and send it to the person to cheer him or her up!

  • Though the money is no better in retirement, the hours sure are. Congratulations!
  • From behalf of people who are looking forward to retirement so that they didn’t have to go to bed at night and set an alarm clock we congratulate you on finally getting to this precious time.
  • Retirement is the best time. You can sit back and just give others pieces of advice even though they did not ask for that.
  • Time to say hello pension and goodbye tension!
  • Dad, I am happier for your retirement than anyone else, because not only can we spend more time together, but also you can take your grandkids whenever you want. Feel free to do that, by the way. Glad that you finally get to retire.
  • Do you agree that life is so more fun when you don’t have to set an alarm clock at 6 each morning or follow an agenda? In your retirement you will wake up early without an alarm clock.
  • Even though retirement signifies the last stage of your life, it’s up to you to decide whether it’ll be sad or fun one. Wishing you as much time in your retirement as you spent on your career.
  • Ok, you are ready to retire, but the real question is whether or not your husband is ready for your retirement?

Ideal Samples of Farewell Message on Retirement

When you cannot find the most appropriate words, connected with the retirement, it`s the right time to use a cute farewell message!

  • You have spent enough of your valuable time doing great work here. Now feel free to spend your valuable time on no less valuable interests.
  • You are a kind of person that always tries to find the best in people! Thank you for everything you taught us and did for us. Wishing you a retired life full of success and happiness!
  • Having you as a coworker was nothing less than a gift from God. We are all wishing you a wonderful retired life ahead!!
  • As you are retiring and from now on having enough free time, what will be the next excuses for not posting selfies with grandchildren. Congratulations on retiring.
  • What is retirement for real? It’s the chance which life gives you. The chance to be true to your own self. The chance to get back to hobbies you have forgotten. The chance to bring back the little kid you are inside. Retirement reminds us that it is never too late to live a life we’ve always wanted.
  • If you are at a lost thinking what to do with all the free time, look for the answer in your heart. That’s the only way to find your true passion. And since you don’t need to work another day in your life, you will soon find all the answers. Happy retirement!
  • At work you have done a lot of important things, but don’t stop doing the important things in your retirement!
  • Retirement means mastering the practices of having a rest and relaxation. And you’ll get lots of time for that. Congrats!

Interesting SMS to Congratulate with Retirement

Do you need to congratulate somebody with the retirement? A nice SMS will be appropriate not to leave this event without attention!

  • Hope your employer will accept my condolences for the devastating loss of one of the best workers ever. Happy retirement!
  • Retiring can be compared to falling in love for the first time. At first, it gives you butterflies in the stomach as soon as you start thinking of it, and you never know how it will feel until you actually retire. Happy retirement..
  • What is retirement if not the life’s greatest irony? We mean, you have finally gotten all this free time to do whatever you wanted before, but because of your age a body will likely refuse to do most of those things. Still, have fun!
  • I wish you from the heart to have the retirement life that you have always dreamed it would be.
  • We hope that you won’t forget about us and will stay in touch with us. How about having lunch together sometime? Best of luck to you on your retirement!
  • Even if it’s your retirement, you don’t necessarily have to act your age. We know that there’s this inner young person inside of you, so act like he tells you to.
  • All of us are gonna miss you,
    so we send this card to say,
    we wish you all the very best
    on this your retirement day.
    At last the day is near
    As you retire from work this week
    Time now to slow right down
    A more relaxing time to seek
    Enjoy Your Leisure Days

Universal Thoughts and Wishes about Retirement

Perhaps, you don`t want to believe, but earlier or later all people will deal with the retirement! It will be useful for you to stock up on helpful retirement wishes and thoughts!

  • Being retired does not equal being expired. You can always stop by to catch up on your former colleagues whenever you want. Your old crew is already missing you.
  • The days when you had to work 9 to 5 have gone into the past. At last, you can breathe out because the relaxing days are here.
  • Do whatever your heart tells you to, because now that you retire, it’s the best gift that you give yourself. Congratulations.
  • The light went out and the cameras stopped shooting. Life is now telling you to pack up, but it doesn’t mean that this is the end. Welcome to another stage of your life – retirement! Congratulations!.
  • It’s hard to write in one line all the great words that describe such a hard-working, dedicated and positive person as you. All we can hope for is being able to live up to your legacy that you left behind. Our dear friend, you will be missed!
  • Since you have worked your tail off for so many years and brought so much success for our company, the time to benefit from all the hard work has come. We hope that your retired days will give you everything you wanted from them. Enjoy!
  • First of all, retirement is an achievement, so please accept our congratulations on making it through all these years of work and finally got here. We wish you the retired life full of all the joy and relaxation which you can handle.
  • Who wouldn’t want the weekend to last for life and every day? You are a lucky one, since you earned your lifelong weekend. Happy Retirement.

Funny Images to Wish Happy Retirement

It`s possible to feel happy even on the day of the retirement! Bright images are a good way to wish somebody a happy retirement or use for your own pleasure!
Funny Images to Wish Happy Retirement 1
Funny Images to Wish Happy Retirement 2
Funny Images to Wish Happy Retirement 3
Funny Images to Wish Happy Retirement 4
Funny Images to Wish Happy Retirement 5
Funny Images to Wish Happy Retirement 6
Funny Images to Wish Happy Retirement 7
Funny Images to Wish Happy Retirement 8
Funny Images to Wish Happy Retirement 9
Funny Images to Wish Happy Retirement 10

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