How to Get Ring Doorbell Notifications on the Apple Watch

Posted by Arch on November 27, 2019
how to get ring doorbell notifications on the apple watch

Ring Video Doorbell allows you to see who is knocking on your door, from your phone. It brings convenience, safety, and permanent video access to whatever is happening in front of your front door.

The whole thing is as simple as taking the phone out of your pocket and running the dedicated app to take a look at what’s going on. However, the introduction of Apple Watch has made the life of many iPhone users significantly easier. But, how well does it work with the Ring Doorbell app?

Can It Do Video?

Apple Watch allows its users to watch video. To play the video that someone sent you, you should just tap it. But, can you access the live video footage from your Ring Video Doorbell? No, you can’t. Your Apple Watch can’t provide live video content. Not for now, at least.

However, it can show the videos that are stored in your iPhone’s memory. Well, not by directly accessing the Photo app. Clearly, the Apple Watch doesn’t feature this option, but a workaround does exist.

You can access the messages stored on your iPhone’s with your Apple Watch. This means that you can actually send the video that you’ve recorded to yourself – just type “Me” in the “To:” section when starting a new message. This will allow you to play the video on your Apple Watch.

You may wonder what this has to do with the Ring Video Doorbell. While you can’t view the live footage that the Ring app feeds to your phone, the app does come with a recording option. So, technically, you could record a video, send it to yourself in a message, and then view it on the Apple Watch later. It is not an ideal solution, but it’s as close as you’ll get to viewing the live Ring Video Doorbell footage on your smartwatch in the foreseeable future.

get ring doorbell notifications on the apple watch

What About the Notifications?

Every time someone rings the Ring Video Doorbell on your door, you’ll get a notification on your phone. By default, this should send the notification to your Apple Watch, as well. Additionally, the app sends out notifications when there’s movement in the particular area that you have selected, so you’ll get notified about that, too.

All the notifications that you get on your iPhone should be mirrored on the Apple Watch. However, you should give this a check, just to be safe. To access the global notification settings on iPhone, go to Settings, then locate Notifications and tap it. This will show you a list of all apps installed on your device. Navigate to the Ring app and tap it. From this menu, you can customize your settings.


Now, run the Apple Watch app. Go to the My Watch tab and then select Notifications. Toggle the Notification Indicator option on. These notifications are fully customizable and you can set them to mirror your iPhone. Alternatively, you can set them up differently. Go to the Notifications menu in the Apple Watch App on your phone, Select the Ring app, and customize the available notification options.

The Downside

The main problem with the Ring Video Doorbell system is that it doesn’t have a dedicated app for Apple Watch. This not only means that you can’t get video access to the Ring Doorbell’s live video footage, but also that the notifications won’t spell out what you’re getting notified about. You will only know that you’ve received a notification on your phone.

Safety First

Despite the mentioned downside, the Ring app works with iOS devices seamlessly. And, let’s be honest, you probably carry your phone around everywhere, anyway. All you really need is a notification to remind you to take the phone out of your pocket and respond. The Apple Watch video option would be nice but, as of now, it is still unavailable.

Have you ever used the Ring Video Doorbell? What do you like about it? What do you feel it lacks? Let everybody know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “How to Get Ring Doorbell Notifications on the Apple Watch”

Cindy says:
Same here! All of my notifications for Ring are turned on for my iPhone, and Apple Watch, I stopped getting notifications altogether. not sure what the issue is.
juliette says:
same for me too can’t get to work now, it just started working and stopped. I didn’t do anything to make this start or stop
Antony D'Emanuele says:
I updated the Ring app on my iPhone yesterday and last night alerts on my Apple Watch were accompanied by a photo from the camera (I contacted Ring over a year ago to ask about this feature). However, it has stopped working today and back to the text alert?? Any ideas
juliette says:
Same for me too
Keet Kopecky says:
This page is outdated.

About 3 weeks ago the Ring app stopped showing up on my Apple Watch. It doesn’t show up anywhere in the Apple Watch app on my iPhone anymore…not on Notifications, not on available apps, nowhere. But this page still acts like it’s 4 weeks ago when the Ring app still showed up on the Apple Watch. This page needs to be updated.

Sandy says:
I experienced the same. The images on my watch were extremely useful, for about a day. Now they are gone. Did you get any more information?
Joe Sexton says:
Same here. Cannot get them to come back

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