Roku Keeps Freezing and Restarting – What To Do

Posted by Jamie on March 29, 2019

Roku is a very stable device but occasionally is will crash or freeze for no apparent reason. It can reboot during a streaming session, when browsing channels or when sitting idle and can freeze at any time. It isn’t something that happens often enough to spoil the experience but it is something we could all do without. This tutorial is going to walk you through some effective steps to take if your Roku keeps freezing and rebooting.

Before we get into troubleshooting your Roku, there is a known issue with headphones being connected to the remote. A fix was released late last year but some users still complain that Roku will freeze or reboot when they have headphones connected. Removing the headphones stops the rebooting.

If this is happening to you, update your Roku to the latest version and remove your headphones from the remote when you’re not using them. It might help.

If you don’t use headphones or that fix doesn’t work, try these others.

Stop Roku freezing and rebooting

There are a few things you can do if your Roku keeps freezing and rebooting and they are the usual troubleshooting steps we take for most Roku issues. We update, reboot, check for any changes, we check the network and cables and we reset. As this is the logical order to perform each step, let’s get started.

Update your Roku

The Roku is updated fairly regularly to add features or fix bugs. Like the headphone issue mentioned above, performing a system update can not only fix these issues but also add any other fixes.

  1. Select Home on your remote.
  2. Select Settings and System.
  3. Select System Update and Check Now.
  4. Allow Roku to update if there is one.

Reboot your Roku

We tend to leave the Roku plugged in and on standby when not in use so it is very useful to reboot it regularly. This has the benefit of refreshing all files and can reset the memory. Both of which can potentially stop if freezing or rebooting.

Remove the power from the Roku or turn off the wall outlet. Leave it for a minute and turn power back on again. Wait for Roku to reboot and retest. This along may be enough to stop the issues you’re having.

Check for changes

Have you made any configuration changes or added any new channels since your Roku began freezing or rebooting? While rare, adding channels can interfere with how other channels run and changing the configuration can cause the Roku to crash and reboot.

Consider any changes you made to your Roku when it began playing up. Undo them and see what happens.

Check the channel

Does your Roku freeze or reboot on a specific channel? Is it always the same thing you’re doing when it happens? If it seems channel related, remove the channel and reinstall it. If it’s a menu or navigation issue, remove some channels you no longer watch to reduce the memory footprint.

Check your network

It is rare that a poor network signal would cause your Roku to freeze or reboot but it’s worth checking. If you use WiFi, check the signal strength on your phone. If other people in your household are using the network, make sure there is enough bandwidth to go around. If signal strength is poor, connect your Roku via Ethernet if possible and retest. If it remains stable, it could be the wireless signal. Change your WiFi channel or turn up the antenna power on your router if possible.

Check the cable

Most Roku will use HDMI to connect to your TV so that’s the next logical thing to check. Swap it for another cable or use the same cable on another device to check it. Good quality HDMI cables rarely just turn faulty but as this check takes just a few seconds, it’s worth a try.

Factory reset your Roku

Resetting your Roku is the step of last resort. You will lose all your channels, your customizations and anything you have done to make it yours. However, if all the previous steps have failed, it is your only option aside from replacing it altogether.

  1. Select Home on your Roku remote.
  2. Select Settings and System.
  3. Select Advanced system settings and Factory Reset.
  4. Select Factory reset everything.
  5. Wait for Roku to wipe, download files and reboot.

If a factory reset doesn’t work, nothing will!

Do you know of any specific fixes for a Roku that keeps freezing or rebooting? Tell us about it below if you do!

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