The Best Romantic Text Messages for Your Husband

A lasting marriage is an institution, and it requires constant work. Don’t let the magic wear out by neglecting random acts of romance, even if it’s not a big deal, like a text message. Hubbies like to feel special and cared for. A spontaneous and honest text message that shows how much you appreciate him can make him the happiest man in the world.

This article includes 26 romantic text messages that will surely get your hubby’s attention and put a smile on his face.

romantic text messages for your husband

Romantic Text Messages for Your Husband

  1. A lot of people told me that once I marry a man, the romance will disappear. You are the prime example that this is not the case. I enjoy every day with you.
  2. When women talk among each other, you can hear us complaining from time to time, but I have nothing bad to say about you. You are amazing, and I am happy to have you.
  3. There’s nothing better than waking up to your kisses and your smile. Seeing you eager to start your day transfers the same energy to me.
  4. I know that sometimes we can argue and fight in the heat of the moment but when the smoke settles only the beautiful things remain.
  5. I am grateful that you have the patience to me and my mood swings. I know that I can be complicated, but you got me all figured out.
  6. I’ve seen so many people today and yet I can’t wait to get home and see you.
  7. I made a wise decision saying ‘Yes’ that day. That’s why I am coming home happy today!
  8. You gave me everything. You taught me to love and to feel secure. I want to share all that I have with you.
  9. I wish there was nothing else to do except you and me sitting together and daydreaming.
  10. We are both imperfect, but our imperfections blend perfectly. I am happy to be your wife.
  11. I can always feel like you are a part of my soul. I hope to create countless memories with you.
  12. If I could choose again, I would always choose you. You are my best friend, my lover, and my other half.
  13. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think when we stepped into all of this. But now I wonder how empty my life would be if it was different.
  14. The best marriage is not when you find the right person. Instead, it’s when you love the person you have chosen with all your heart. Can’t wait to come back home.
  15. You make me feel special with all your care, your questions, and little gifts. You are my biggest achievement.
  16. It’s a beautiful day to do something with you, and there is nothing that I would do instead.
  17. Every day I learn something new about myself when I learn something new about you. We grow together, and we change together.
  18. A perfect day starts with you and ends with you. Looks like today will be perfect, too.
  19. There are no perfect husbands as they describe them on the internet. Because I already took the only one.
  20. Nobody knows me as you do, and sometimes I am even afraid that you know me better than myself. You are a perfect husband.
  21. You are the only constant in my life. A safe space and an adventure at the same time. You are a gift, and a life with you is a dream.
  22. I heard some women saying all men are the same. They obviously never met you.
  23. Since I met you, I don’t have Monday morning blues, and I am always in love on Friday!
  24. I thought marriage would burden me with responsibilities, but it made my life easier as I always have you by my side.
  25. I can stop eating sweets, I don’t have to go shopping, and I don’t need my favorite TV shows. Only thing I always need is you.
  26. We built our life from our memories and our dreams. I remember fondly and dream endlessly with you.


text messages for your husband


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