How To Run 2 WhatsApp Accounts On Your Android Phone Without Rooting


WhatsApp Messenger has become somewhat of a staple in a staggering amount of persons’  lives. The amount of installs recorded on the Google Play Store is in the 1 billion to 5 billion range.

The ease with which WhatsApp connects us to family and friends is probably what draws so may persons to it. As long as you have the other part’s number and they have WhatsApp installed as well, users can freely communicate.

If that wasn’t enough to entice you, the recent removal of the annual $0.99 subscription free just might do the trick.

For those of you out there with 2 active numbers however, there has not been a reliable way to access both of your accounts on one device up until relatively recently. There have been apps out there that did the trick without rooting such as the popular WhatsMapp, but after a while these apps have/had a tendency of ceasing to function.

The method I will outline today, does not allow for simultaneous notification from both accounts but it will allow you to access both of them from one device. Furthermore, it takes advantage of a built-in Android feature therefore you do not even have to think about rooting.

How It Works

The creation of multiple user accounts was first introduced in Android 4.2 and this is the feature we will exploit in order to run 2 WhatsApp accounts on one device. The process described below was carried out on Android 6.0.1.

Please note, that I am assuming that you have a WhatsApp account setup already with another number.

First you will need to create an additional user account. Pull down your notification bar and click on the User icon in the top right hand corner of the screen.


Next, click on the Add user icon in order to create your second account on the device.


After you have finished setting up your new account, you will have access to the Play Store. The home screens and menus will pretty much look like if you have a clean installation of Android and you will only have access to the applications which came stock with your phone . The next step will be to download Whastapp. You must go through the usual setup process which starts with entering the phone number you wish to use. If your phone is not a dual sim phone, you must make sure to have the sim card which corresponds to the second number you want to use in the phone at this point. There is a twist however. As you might have already known, WhatsApp requires you to enter a verification code before you can go any further.

2whats-veri (2)


This verification code will be sent to your other account, so you must log into it, retrieve the code form your SMS inbox and then switch back to the other account to enter it.


You could also just wait for the verification period to expire and let WhatsApp call you in order to give you the verification code.


After hitting Next, WhatsApp will have to initialize and then you will be granted a lifetime of WhatsApp service.




The method is not a straightforward one, but it works and it will work especially well for persons who use WhatsApp regularly. You can separate your business and personal accounts while maintaining one phone. You will not be disturbed by alerts pertaining to one account while on the other.

Posted by Will on February 7, 2016

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