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Samsung Galaxy J7 Problems With Sound (Solved)

The Samsung Galaxy J7 has a few problems with sound that seem to be a fairly common occurrence for those that own the smartphone from Samsung. Some of the problems noticed on the Galaxy J7 include sound problems when talking on the phone, sound problems caused by Bluetooth, and sound not being loud enough on the smartphone. Below, we’ll get into some brief solutions that you can use to try to fix your Galaxy J7 sound problems, since they’re most likely causing you a headache.

The following are some possible solutions to fix the issues of the volume and sound not working on the Galaxy J7. If the audio problems still are happening after you run through all of these suggestions, then it’s recommended that you contact your retailer to get the Galaxy J7 repaired or replaced. The following is a guide on how to fix the Galaxy J7 sound problems.

How to fix Galaxy J7 sound problems: