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Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Set Screen Timeout Settings

The screen timeout function determines the duration of time required between the period you stop pressing your Galaxy Note 9 and when the display shuts down automatically without having to press the Power button.
This feature helps particularly when you need to check your phone intermittently. When enabled, you won’t have to keep unlocking your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. There are different screen timeout options to suit your preferences.

Configure The Screen Timeout Feature On Galaxy Note 9

  1. The Galaxy Note 9 has six pre-installed screen timeout options namely 15 sec, 30 sec, 1-2-5 min, and 10 minutes
  2. The screen timeout feature works under a dedicated menu with the same Screen Timeout name that can be found in General Settings > Display
  3. The Screen Timeout feature also integrates well with the Smart Stay feature which is designed identify if your focus is on the screen or not if your gaze is on the screen, then the display brightness will automatically lessen

 Turn On Or Deactivate The Smart Stay Feature On Galaxy Note 9

  1. Turn on your smartphone and open the Home screen
  2. Click on the Settings menu
  3. Tap the Display icon
  4. Select Smart Play and toggle the button left or right to switch on and off

Disable The Screen Timeout Feature On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  1. Turn on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and launch the Settings app
  2. Click on About Phone
  3. Click on the Build Number seven times repeatedly to unlock Developer mode
  4. After unlocking Developer mode, launch the Settings menu
  5. Tap on the Developer Options that will now appear under the Settings menu
  6. Click on the Stay Awake option

Henceforth, your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will migrate from using the Screen Timeout feature to the Smart Stay feature. If you ever get tired of the Smart Stay feature and want to go back to your default settings, follow the same guide to disable the feature.