Samsung TV No Sound – What to Do?

Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant, makes a huge array of high-end electronic products, from smartphone to smart TVs. Televisions are one of the most important product lines for Samsung, a conglomerate with more than $211 billion in annual sales. Although Samsung electronics have a reputation for high quality and reliability, like any electronic product they are subject to failure and problems. One of the most common issues reported with Samsung TVs is problems with the audio. Oftentimes the cause of such errors are simply glitches or bad connections, but it could possibly be the result of a hardware failure. In this article, I will show you how to troubleshoot audio problems on your Samsung TV.

Basic Troubleshooting

The first things to try are of course the simplest. If you have picture on your TV but no sound, the problem might be as simple as having the “Mute” button the remote having been accidentally pressed. Grab your remote and unmute the TV by pressing the “Mute” button again.

Next, check what the input setting is on your Samsung TV by hitting “Source” on the remote and cycling through the available inputs. If your Samsung TV’s source is set to a component that you don’t have set up, then there won’t be any audio data coming in to be played.

Do you ever use a headset on your TV? Gamers in particular might be using a wired set of headphones plugged into an audio out jack, and if the headphones are plugged in, then any audio is being routed to that equipment, and you might not hear the sound playing if you aren’t wearing the headset. Check that no headphones are plugged in to the TV.

If you still don’t have sound, check all your physical connections between the TV and any hardware associated with it. This includes gaming consoles, satellite receivers, and cable TV boxes. Make sure that all the connectors are plugged in securely to the right ports.

Finally, check to see what output channel has been selected for sound. If you have external speakers connected to your TV, make sure your TV’s audio output goes to them. Conversely, if you’re not using external speakers, make sure the TV’s internal speakers are not disabled. You’ll find that information on the  (audio section of your TV’s on-screen menu.

Advanced Troubleshooting

If none of the above suggestions improve the audio problem on your Samsung TV, you’ll need to move on to some more advanced techniques.

The first thing to try is a standard old-fashioned power cycle. Turn off your Samsung TV and unplug it from the wall. Give it a minute so that any lingering charge in a capacitor or memory unit can fade. Then plug the TV back in and turn it back on. As with many other kinds of hardware, turning it off and on again can often resolve temporary or transient problems that are otherwise hard to diagnose.

Next, make sure your TV has the right language set in the information setup. Press “Menu” on the remote and find the section dealing with setup. Find the language/location setting, and make sure it is set to “USA”.

The last stage of troubleshooting is to run the built-in sound diagnostic test in the Samsung TV’s support menu. Depending on the make and model of your Samsung TV, this test may be found in different places in the menu structure, but you should be able to find it regardless. Press “Menu” on the remote, then select the “Support” menu. From there, select the “Self Diagnosis” option and then the “Sound Test”. The TV should then play a melody out of the built-in speakers. If you hear the melody, then the sound problem (whatever it may be) isn’t in the TV’s components. If you don’t hear the melody, then either there is a problem with the sound circuitry in the TV, or with the built-in speakers on the TV.

Next Steps

If your tests indicate that the problem is with the TV itself, you will have to decide between a repair job and a new TV. With TV prices steadily falling to ridiculously low levels, it is difficult to justyf repairing any TV sets that aren’t brand-new and at the highest end; a replacement is usually cheaper than the repair. However, depending on how old your Samsung TV set is, you may still be under warranty and can get a new TV without any charge.

Do you have any suggestions or tips on diagnosing and fixing audio problems with Samsung TVs? If you do, then please share them with us in the comments section below!

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12 thoughts on “Samsung TV No Sound – What to Do?”

Avatar Nicole says:
sound works when operating the remote, the minute I hooked up the Roku no sound plays. The Roku itself has been moved and works fine on other tv’s, so that isn’t the problem, Internal speaker is selected, and USA. I will try unplugging and plugging back in but are there any other suggestions
Avatar Josh K says:
My sound consistently goes in and out. I will see picture but no sound. I have had Comcast come out multiple times they say signal strength is good. I swapped out boxes to a supposed more advance cable box still have issues. Tried using different hdmi cables still same issue. I even returned tv and got a new one and still same issue.
Avatar nuge says:
same problem…. any solution?
Avatar Lisa Richardson says:
I have no sound on samsung tv and dvd player no sound or vision. I have tried swapping cables and switching off to reset. I cannot access the menu or settings on tv. Is there anything else i can do or is this a repair?
Avatar Jim says:
Watching cable on hmd1. Then sound cuts out. I have to switch the source from hand to tv input and then switch back to hmd and the sound comes back. Happens randomly on startup.
Avatar Rene says:
Hi Jim, I have the same issue. Did you find a solution?
Avatar Gary says:
I have no sound through both the tv and athena components. When I go to the sound menu it only highlights the auto volume, none of the other options are highlighted so i can’t access them to try adjusting. It does say that tv speakers are on.
Avatar John D says:
Thank you Marvin for your sound solution.
Sounds came back again. Weird.
Avatar Marvin says:
Scroll to the original set up and make sure the region or country is set to USA if set to Asia the sound will not come on.
Avatar Robert Ryczak says:
Sound is fine with Fios source; but when I change to the source for my peripherals, like DVD, VHS, laser disc players I have to jack up the volume to 100 (max) just to be barely able to hear the audio. Any suggestions?
Avatar alyssa says:
Thanks Marvin. It really worked. A real life saver. Godbless you
Avatar Marvin says:
Yes, go to the set up for the tv and find where it asked what part of the world or region and make sure you check USA.
I checked Asia because I was in the Philippines, wrong, no sound. Changed it to USA and the sound came on.
Avatar Suzanne says:
Hi, where do I find this on my Samsung tv? I see a place on my smart tv asking what language I want, but not the region.
I have a great picture, but no sound, yet I can hear the sound test! Thanks
Avatar Marvin says:
During setup when prompted to select the region I chose Asia since I was in the Philippines but the salesman pointed out that USA must be selected. Then the sounds started working. That simple, I couldn’t believe it.
Avatar Lovely says:
This worked! Thanks! 🙂
Avatar Brenda says:
I have the same issue. What is the solution?
Avatar Marvin says:
Yes, simply go to the original set-up on your tv and make sure you choose USA for it’s region. The sound will work now
Avatar Marvin Umbras says:
New Samsung smart tv., got it set up , connected to the internet, Netflix worked perfectly, switched source to cable and auto setup the channels, then scrolled through and stopped on several stations had fine pictures but absolutely no sound. Did a sound test and it was perfect, but no sound from any channel, just the show without sound.
Avatar Jacob says:
Hi Marvin having the same issue now. Were you able to resolve this?
Avatar Sais says:
Hey same issue here, find any solutions??

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