How To Save Web Pages to iBooks

When you have a massive amount of knowledge at your fingertips while online, it’s easy to get sidetracked. Grabbing your iPhone and firing up Safari to grab a recipe for Chicken Kiev can quickly lead to learning about the best chicken cuts, landmarks to see in Kiev, the history of Ukraine, and the endless battle of trying to find the single best recipe. One link leads to another, then another, then another.

For those times when you really need to focus on one task, there’s a simple trick that can help you save pages you want to view later in iBooks.

What is iBooks?

If you haven’t used iBooks before, you’re missing out on one of iOS’s hidden gems. iBooks is a free built-in e-book application in iOS 8 or later (and OS X Mavericks or later) in which you can read and buy books, collect and read documents, and save web pages for later viewing. Books, documents and whatever else you store in iBooks are automatically saved to your iCloud account so that you can access your content on any Apple device you own or use, including iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and your Mac.

If you’re on an older version of iOS—one that doesn’t include iBooks—you can download it at no charge from the App Store.

How to save a web page in iBooks

So, you’re surfing the internet and want to save a particular web page for later viewing. How do you do it?

Step one: Tap the up arrow at the bottom of your screen from within Safari

send to iBooks

The little icon you see above—the one that looks like an up arrow or “send to” button—is the one you want to tap when you find something you’d like to add to iBooks.

Step two: Scroll to Save PDF to iBooks

Save PDF to iBooks

You’ll find two rows of choices in the pop-up menu that appears. On the top row, scroll right to left until you see an option for Save PDF to iBooks, and click it.

Once you’ve saved a web page, it’s automatically converted from HTML to a .PDF file and stored on the top shelf of your iBook app where it’s marked as “new.” To access your new document, simply find it on your bookshelf, and tap it. Your new .PDF file will display as an electronic book and you can scroll through it page by page, just as you would an actual book.

web site in iBook format

Web pages saved in iBook format are perfect for saving things like:

  • Recipes
  • How-to instructions
  • Reading material
  • Coupons
  • ..and so much more!

 Note: This only works when using Safari, Apple’s default browser. You cannot save individual pages to iBooks from other browsers.

Posted by Jodi Jae on May 25, 2016

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