How to Screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S6

How to Take a Screenshot with a Samsung Galaxy S6

It is often helpful to be able to take a screenshot of your smartphone. The screenshot can be sent to individuals, companies, or put on a website as a means of communicating some message to people. Screenshots are often sent to as a way of conveying a problem with a software or hardware glitch. They allow companies or others to see what is happening to the user’s phone. Also, for a game or other app having issues, sending a screenshot to the developer may help them assist the developer of the app in figuring out how to to fix those issues

How to Get the Shot

For the Galaxy S6, one can either swipe their entire hand perpendicular to the screen in one motion, or simultaneously press the power and home buttons (right side and bottom button). It will put the image of whatever was present on the screen at the time into a folder in the Gallery under the subheading “Screenshots”. After the screenshot is taken, simply use the share button to share it with the person or company you wished to share it with in the first place.

Posted by Will on July 8, 2015

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