How To See All Your Viewers on Twitch

How To See All Your Viewers on Twitch

While there are other streaming platforms out there, like YouTube Gaming and Mixer, Twitch still leads the pack as the leading streaming platform on the market. Twitch is the place for video game streamers. It’s a platform that allows you to stream your favorite games for other people to enjoy. Streamers can interact with their viewers through the chat feature and can earn followers and subscribers like many other social media and streaming sites.

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You can make a lot of money using Twitch, but you also have to be good at the game you are playing and interesting enough to engage your viewers in the chat section. Over time, as you build up your audience, you’ll become more and more successful on the platform.

But how do you know how many viewers you actually have? Where can you sell your total viewer count?

The following article will explain how you can check your Twitch stats to figure out how many viewers you had during a stream. The tool is a good gauge of what works and what doesn’t and can help you perfect your future streams.

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The Difference Between the Viewer Count and the Viewer List

Before we get into the details, you have to understand the difference between the “Viewer Count” and the “Viewer List.” Each term represents something different that you should be familiar with as a Twitch streamer.

Viewer Count

The “Viewer Count” tells the exact number of people currently watching your stream. The viewer count includes all Twitch users, as well as unregistered viewers watching you at the moment. The number will fluctuate as people come and go from your stream. It is the little red number below the video player on Twitch.

This allows you to see the total number of viewers in your stream at any given time.

Viewer List

The “Viewer List” shows you a list of people connected to your chat. You can see only registered Twitch users, including those that are inactive at the moment. The list will remember all users who visited your channel at least once. You can check the list by clicking on the button next to the settings button at the bottom of the chat.

How To See All Viewers on Twitch

This is not indicative of your total viewer count, though, as it does not account for viewers that are not logged in to a Twitch account.

How to Check Who is Watching You on Twitch

To check who is watching you on Twitch, look at the icon at the top right of the chat section that looks like two stick figures. This section will show you every person in the chat. You’ll see their usernames as well as their category, such as “Broadcaster,” “Staff,” and “Moderators.”

To see the total number of viewers in the stream, just look at the red number directly underneath the stream. As you can see, there are 28, 272 people watching the stream in the screenshot below:

Use Twitch Stats to Up Your Game

The Channel Analytics tool on Twitch can help you understand what your viewers like. You will get a full list of stats, including the average time spent by a viewer, your maximum viewer count, the time you spent streaming, and much more. Here is the full list of available stats:

Average Viewers – The average number of viewers who watched your entire stream.

Live Views – The total number of viewers you had while streaming.

New Followers – The number of viewers who visited your stream for the first time.

Max Viewers – The maximum number of viewers for a single stream.

Unique Viewers – The average number of viewers based on the device they used (laptops, phones, pc).

Minutes Watched – The total time viewers spent watching your stream.

Average Stream Length – The average duration of your stream.

Time Streamed – The total time you spent streaming for a specific period.

Average Chat Messages – The average number of messages you receive during a stream.

All of these categories can help you determine which stream had the biggest viewer count. You can then focus your time on streaming the games that had the best results, and stop streaming the ones that were not so popular.

See All Your Viewers on Twitch

Other Metrics

There are a number of additional metrics Twitch streamers can use to improve their stream and better understand their viewers. Here are a few of these important metrics:

Viewer Origin

Even after you find out how many viewers you had, it’s good to know where they came from. That will tell you which part of your channel needs additional work. For example, if many viewers came from the Browser Page that means that the titles of your streams are working well. Otherwise, you may want to rethink your titles to draw more views in.

Viewers from Channels

This category tells you the numbers of viewers that came to watch your stream from another channel. Generally, it’s the number of viewers that came to your channel by clicking on it on the sidebar.

Viewers Outside Twitch

You can tell how many viewers came from outside of Twitch. That includes viewers who used your URL in their browsers, as well as viewers that came from other platforms like Medium.

Summary of Every Stream

You can check your stream summary for each stream. It will show you how many views you got, when the peak was, the duration of your stream, and other useful information.

The Most Important Stats to Consider

With so many stats available, how can you know which one is the most relevant to your success? Well, that depends on how you look at things and what you want to achieve.

For some, the Average Viewers category is the most relevant one. Other users might find the Total Views or Max Viewers the most helpful stats. Any of these stats can give you valuable insight into your viewers’ likes, dislikes, and behaviors.

Use What You Learn to Attract More Viewers

You will need to track your stats for some time before you get everything right. Change the parts that didn’t yield the results you wanted and keep the ones that helped you raise your viewer count. It’s a slow process that requires some planning and well-timed execution, but you can make it as a Twitch streamer if you find the right formula. Don’t give up, and the results will follow.

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