How To See Recently Deleted Apps on Android

If you find yourself in a bind trying to recover an app that was deleted from your Android device, don’t sweat it. Recovering apps is actually much simpler than recovering photos and other data.

There are many reasons why you might need to recover app data that has been deleted. Often people delete apps only to find out that they need the app again but can’t remember what it was called. You may have had to perform a factory reset, which deletes all the apps you’ve installed on your device. There are also cases where apps are deleted accidentally by the owner or someone else with access to the phone. Whatever the reason, in this article you’ll learn about the options you have to recover your app data.

Recover Apps Through Google Play

The most straightforward way to get access to your deleted apps is already on your device. The Google Play app keeps a record of the applications you’ve downloaded and allows you to see your app history. Follow these simple instructions.

  1. Open the Google Play app on your device — also known as the Play Store.
  2. Tap the Hamburger button () on the left of the search bar — you can also swipe right anywhere on the screen to access the menu.
  3. In the menu, tap on “My Apps and Games.”
  4. Tap the “Library” tab at the top of the screen — here, you will see all the apps you have downloaded.

From there, navigate the list to find the app you’re looking for. You can organize the list alphabetically or by date to help your search. Organizing by date will show you the most recent apps first, so if you’re looking for an app that was deleted long ago try near the bottom.

It’s important to point out that this list is tied to your Google account, not your device. Every app you’ve downloaded on any device will show up here so it’s a very useful tool.

Another very neat tidbit to remember is that once you pay for an app, you’ve paid to use it on your Google account, not on the device where it was downloaded. If you use this method to recover apps you’ve purchased, you won’t have to pay for them again.

Phonerescue to the Rescue

If you need to dig deeper into your device’s history, PhoneRescue is a software that can help you do that. PhoneRescue is a robust recovery tool for Android devices. This software will do much more than just allow you to look at your lost app data. It can also restore a variety of deleted content and the maker claims that it will work on just about any Android device. The software is free to try but you will eventually have to buy a license if you want to continue using it.

The procedure is quite simple. First, you’ll download PhoneRescue onto your desktop computer. You read that right, this software works from your computer. As soon as you launch the application, you’ll see some quick tips about how to use it. Once you’ve got it started, use your phone’s USB cable to connect to your computer. It will ask to perform some simple tasks like enable USB debugging and root your phone but the software will walk you through it pretty quickly.

Once the preliminaries are completed, choose what types of data you want to recover. There is a wide range of file types it can access but you want to make sure you check off “App Documents” on the menu. From there click “Next” and you will be served a complete report of what is recovered. The software allows you to recover data directly to your device, which is a nice time saver. You might find some of your other data is mixed up but you should be able to see apps you’ve deleted.

How to see recently deleted app on Android

Finding Apps in the Galaxy Store

Perhaps you couldn’t find the app that you were looking for in the Google Play Store. If you’re a Samsung user there is actually another built-in app store on your phone. Assuming you’re signed into your Galaxy account, your missing app may be located here.

Depending on how cluttered your App drawer is on your phone do a quick search for the Galaxy Store by swiping up from the bottom of your phone or tapping on the apps icon. Type ‘Galaxy Store’ in the search bar.

Tap on the Galaxy Store app and tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper left-hand corner. To make the search process faster, toggle the ‘Show installed apps’ option off.

Scroll through the list of apps and tap the download icon to recover your missing application.

What to Do if All Apps Went Missing

The Android operating system can be a strange and peculiar thing. If all your apps randomly went missing, there’s usually a handful of reasons for this. The first is that you could’ve somehow accidentally deleted them all. To check, put your phone in safe mode (hold down the physical power button until the power off option appears on the screen, then long-press the power off option until the Safe Mode button appears and click it).

Your phone will restart, if all of your apps reappear, you have a software problem. Most of the time this is due to a Launcher. While in Safe Mode, go into your phone’s settings and search for any Launchers. If it’s one you want to keep, clear the cache and data and restart your phone. If it’s one you didn’t intentionally download simply uninstall it. After doing this, all of your apps should reappear upon restarting your phone.

Accidentally Deleted the Google Play Store

It isn’t completely unheard of that the Google Play Store suddenly goes missing from your Android device. Fortuantely, it’s still there we promise. The Google Play Store is a pre-loaded app, so it can’t be completely uninstalled from your phone.

All you need to do is head to Settings on your phone and tap on Apps (or Applications depending on the version of software you’re running). Search for the Google Play Store in the list of apps on your phone and tap it.

Next, tap ‘Enable.’ Your Google Play Store will reappear on your home screen.

See, what happens if that you’ve actually disabled the Google Play Store and therefore it’s no longer showing with your other apps. By enabling it, you’ve brought it back to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

I had an APK but I can’t find it now. What’s happening?

APKs are Android Package Kits, or files that help you install apps. Many Android users download APKs because they are apps that haven’t been released yet or give more functionality and freedom than the monitored apps in the Google Play Store.

Unfortunately, some of the apps allow users to partake in illegal pirating activities and therefore, they don’t stay up for long. If you’re trying to recover an APK it’s best to do a Google or DuckDuckGo search for the missing application or one similar.

Once located, download it and set it up just like you would any other APK file.

How can I locate all of my apps that were deleted?

Although you can use any of the methods above to download all your Android apps, it would be quite time consuming. Your best bet is to check for a backup and do a full system recovery.

There are some risks with this method because you’ll need to factory reset your device which means you could lose everything on your Android device, so check for a backup first.

Head over to the Settings on your device and tap on the Backup option (this may vary depending on your manufacturer). Samsung users can look for the Samsung a Samsung Cloud backup, and LG users should have a similar option. But, regardless, every Android user should have a Google backup.

Click on the backup and verify that it is a recent date and that your apps, photos, documents, contacts, and anything else important was stored. Now, you can do a factory reset and restore your phone back to normal with all apps intact.

As a parting thought, it’s always a good idea to set your device’s settings to back up your data on Google’s servers. It will make it that much easier to deal with any problematic events in the future.

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Avatar Arleigh Long says:
Well I’m one of people that deleted an app and I need it back. I believe it’s called Stock Android. Thinking I would never be able to afford a “stock” for android I saw it as app taking up space, safe to delete this one. Now I can’t even open the play store app to get into the library to retrieve it. This stockandroid app is probably the culprit. So, I don’t have a computer at home. Any other suggestions?

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