How To See Who Viewed your Facebook Story

Posted by Jamie on August 8, 2019

Seems like every company under the sun these days feels the need to use Snapchat’s story feature for their own app, but no organization is more guilty of this than Facebook. The social network behemoth didn’t just stop at putting the story feature on Instagram, but added it to Facebook, Messenger, and even WhatsApp. While Facebook has scaled back their Stories feature somewhat, they continue to bring new features to the platform for those looking to use Stories without installing Snapchat or Instagram.

Of course, if you’ve never used Stories, you might be confused how it works. Let’s take a look at how to post stories on Facebook, and how you can see who took a look at your most recent story.

How Facebook Stories work

Post a Facebook Story and it will appear at the top of your News Feed. If your friends post a Story, their profile pic will appear there. Stories you have not yet viewed will have a blue circle around them. Those you have viewed will not. Select that profile picture to view their Story and it will play within the Facebook app. You can view and move on or send a Direct Message from within the window.

Unlike the rest of the network, Facebook Stories doesn’t feature comments, Likes or other interactions. Your only option is a DM using Messenger.

How to create a Facebook Story

If you want in on the action and haven’t used them before, creating a Facebook Story takes just a few seconds. Let’s create one from within Facebook.

  1. Open the Facebook app on your phone and select the camera icon.
  2. Take a picture or record a video.
  3. Select the little wand icon bottom left to add effects.
  4. Select Share Now once you’re done to upload it to Facebook.

Your Facebook Story will stay live for 24 hours like Snapchat’s versions. People can then view it and DM you as they see fit.

See who viewed your Facebook Story

If you want to see who viewed your Facebook Story, you can. Facebook added this feature so businesses can track the reach of their Stories and I guess so individuals could see which friends were interested and which were not.

  1. Open your Story within the Facebook app.
  2. Look for the eye icon in the bottom left of the screen.
  3. Select that icon to see who has viewed your Story.

Depending on your privacy settings, you may only see Friends here or Friends, Connections and randoms with Friends at the top. Either way, you can see exactly who has viewed your story and when.

How to add effects to your Facebook Story

Facebook Stories come with a bunch of effects and basic edits you can make before sharing. They are the usual stickers and emojis and a few neat features like polls, location, labels and a few other things.  You can access these effects from the camera.

  1. Open the Facebook app on your phone and select the camera icon.
  2. Take a picture or record a video.
  3. Select the little wand icon bottom left to add effects.
  4. Select the Aa icon to add text.
  5. Select the face icon at the top to add location, music, poll or whatever.

There are dozens of options within Facebook Stories. Most are accessed via the two icons at the top and the wand icon at the bottom. Save and Share Now once finished to do just that.

Control who sees your Facebook Story

The same privacy options you get with Facebook updates or posts is available within Facebook Stories. You can control who sees what by configuring it before you share.

  1. Before you hit Share Now, select the down arrow next to Your Story.
  2. Select Public, Friends and Connections or Friends Only. There is also a Custom option if you need it.
  3. Select to Share once done.

Like other Facebook settings, Public makes your Story available to anyone. Friends and Connections restricts it to just people who know you and Friends only is just for people who have friended you. The Custom option is a named list where you can specify exactly who gets to see your Story.

You can also modify these settings even after a Story has been published.

  1. Select Your Story from within the app.
  2. Select the three dot menu icon and then Edit Story Settings.
  3. Change the setting as above and hit Save.

That’s the basics of the Facebook Story. It’s a simple feature that adds another dimension to the social network even if it is a blatant copy of someone else’s idea!

6 thoughts on “How To See Who Viewed your Facebook Story”

Margie Morales says:
Why is there a small blue dot next to some of my fb story viewers names? And why are some names highlighted or darker than others?
kristi m says:
Same question – every story i post is public — but every post has only “1” viewer listed as other. It is never more than one. That sounds like a total creeper to me!
Just me says:
I’m wondering same thing… how do you see the other viewers?? If they see my story why can I not see their name?? That’s kinda backwards ain’t it…??
Kristyn Granahan says:
Mine just says “Seen by ____ unique accounts” and doesn’t list out who they were. How can I see who they were?
Nanz says:
Still doesn’t answer how do we see who “others” are. Why is fb protecting their privacy when they are viewing my story? I want to stop that person from following me or viewing my story. How can I do that? Especially when I don’t know who it is?
Mike says:
How do you see who the “other veiwers” are on facebook stories?
Ezra says:
God I have the same question, it is creepy!!!
tins says:
same here!! its really bothering me.
Drea says:
Why can’t I see the “Facebook Follower” or “Facebook Followers” names ??

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