How To See Who Viewed Your Videos in Instagram—And Other Important Instagram Metrics

Posted by Robert Hayes on August 20, 2019

Are you using Instagram to its potential? If you’re just posting pics of you and your friends having fun so that everyone else can see how awesome your life is, then you’re probably not worried about this. But if you’re using Instagram as a business, whether as a support tool for your existing enterprises or as a platform in and of itself, you need to be optimizing your performance on the platform, and that means collecting data. One of the most important pieces of data is how many people are watching your videos.

Instagram is a popular social media site where users share pictures (and increasingly, videos) to their communities. But it’s not enough just to post those pictures and videos—you need to find out how many people are watching! If you’re doing Instagram professionally or as a support to your business, collecting these metrics is critical to improving your rate of return on the work you put into your Instagram feed. So if you’re running a social media marketing campaign and want to know whether to make more of a particular type of video or want to see who viewed your videos on Instagram, then read on.

Checking the basic popularity of a video is simple. For example, you can see how popular an Instagram video is just by checking out its views or Follows. You can then assess how well it has gone over with your audience by comparing those views to other videos you have made. You can’t find out specifically who viewed your videos, unfortunately. Metrics are the math behind social media marketing and whether you run a small business or just want to promote yourself, that data counts.

Video View Count in Instagram

First, let’s not bury the headline. To see who viewed your videos on Instagram, look at the view count underneath the video. The number denotes the number of individual times that video has been viewed for longer than three seconds. Video loops don’t count—if someone watches your loop 1000 times, you still only get credit for one view. Also, videos made before November of 2015 don’t have view counts.

Creating a Business Profile

To get serious about your Instagram account, you need to convert it to a business profile. This gives you access to a much wider range of analytical tools than a regular account, including Instagram Insights. You can learn how to convert to a business profile here; it’s simple and there is no charge.

Other important metrics

While metrics may not seem the most interesting subject, if you’re spending time and money on producing good quality content, you need to know whether it’s hitting the spot or not. If you’re planning a social media marketing campaign around Instagram or video content, the success of that campaign needs to be quantifiable. That’s where video metrics come in.

In this article, I’m going to discuss the photo and video metrics that you have access to as part of Instagram Insights. Note that these tools only are available for posts created after you start your business account; it’s important to start your business account early on so that you can start collecting data as soon as possible.

View Count

The view count is the most basic measure of how popular your video is. Instagram views are recorded after three seconds of view time and give you a basic view of how well a video is doing. Different platforms count views in different ways. Instagram and Facebook regard 3 seconds as a view whereas YouTube makes you wait a full 30 seconds before it is counted. As we’ve seen, this metric is available to you directly in the Instagram app—just look under the video.


Impressions is a simple measure—it’s how many times a given post has been seen. Multiple views by the same person will drive up the impressions metric, so it’s not a perfect gauge of a post’s popularity.


Reach is the number that most people care about when it comes to a post’s viewership. Reach is the number of unique accounts that have viewed a post—if your mom watches your video a hundred times, it will only increase your reach by 1.


Follows is a hugely useful metric for a given post. Follows is the number of people who started following your account after viewing this particular post. This can tell you what kinds of posts are the best at bringing in new viewers!

How to Find Your Metric

Finding your metrics is simple. Just tap on the post that has the photos and videos you’re interested in, and select View Insights. This will bring up the insights page, where you can see all the data for your post.


Have any other suggestions on using Instagram metrics to assess your posts? Share with us in the comments below!

We’ve got a lot more information on how to use Instagram. If you’re looking for a good place to start, check out our guide on whether or not watching your own videos increases your view count.

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