How to Send a Message on Amazon

Posted by Arch on August 1, 2019
How to send a message on amazon

Some people still don’t know that Amazon rolled out a feature that allows direct communication between sellers and buys. This feature is extremely helpful to both parties because it bridges the gap between them.

Buyers can ask product-related questions, seek assistance or resolve issues with the products. Sellers can, in turn, get valuable feedback from their buyers and thank them for the business.

You can take advantage of this system no matter which side you are on. Find out how to send a message on Amazon as a seller or a buyer.

Amazon Messaging for Sellers

Before you begin sending messages on Amazon, there is some preparation needed on your end. First of all, you need to enable the Amazon messaging system. Here is how you can do it as a seller:

  1. Access Seller Central on Amazon. Click on the Settings button and choose Fulfillment by Amazon from the dropdown menu.
  2. Find Product Support and select Edit.
  3. Choose Enable under any marketplace where you listed your product to turn the messaging on for it (for example com).
  4. Tap on Update to confirm the changes.

Keep in mind that Amazon will follow your Contract Response Metrics, which tracks your response times to customers. It is best to research those metrics to keep an excellent score.

Perhaps it is best to disable the messaging system when you are on vacation. You won’t get messages from new buyers, but your previous buyers can still message you.


How to Contact a Buyer on Amazon

It is easy to contact a buyer on Amazon with these steps:

  1. Open the Order dropdown menu and click on Manage Orders.
  2. Look at Order Details and select the name of the buyer.
  3. You will be redirected to a window for messaging said buyer. Type out the message and send it with Submit.

You can send emails with attachments using Amazon’s messaging service. Their size needs to be less than 7MB. The available file formats are PDF, Word, image, and text. The attachments must follow Amazon’s guidelines or they will be removed.

Amazon Messaging Restrictions for Sellers

If you think you can bypass Amazon, think again. Your account can be suspended in a hurry. A seller must not send the following content in their messages to the buyer:

  1. Marketing promotions or any messages of that sort.
  2. Cross-marketing their other products or products from a third-party, any referrals are strictly forbidden.
  3. The seller’s logo containing a link to their website.
  4. Any external links to their or other websites.

Amazon Messaging for Buyers

As a buyer, all you need to do to contact the seller is to send them an email. The seller can then view the received message in the message center, or through their associated business email address.

Amazon tokenizes the sender’s email address with marketplace.amazon.com after their name. The seller can reply to the buyer using their email client, and Amazon will automatically tokenize it.

As you can see, Amazon tracks all the messages and they get a copy of each. The official explanation is that Amazon uses tokenization to protect both the buyer’s and seller’s privacy, and they store messages to resolve issues if necessary.

amazon messaging

Opt-Out Option for Buyers

Amazon rolled out a feature in 2017 that allows buyers to opt-out from unsolicited messaging on their platform. The buyers will still receive messages, but only those that are of importance to their order.

Those include messages regarding issues with shipping, product customization, and scheduling of deliveries.

These are some situations when buyers can’t opt-out of messages from sellers. They can’t do it when they initiate contact with the seller, which makes sense. Additionally, they can’t opt-out of messages regarding handmade, custom, or wine orders.

All that a buyer needs to do to opt-out of unwanted messages is to access their communication preferences and disable them there. Alternatively, they can call Amazon support and ask for help with opting out.

Opt-Out Information for Sellers

You will know when a buyer opted out of unwanted messages because Amazon will send you a bounce-back message telling you so.  When you need to send an urgent message regarding a buyer’s order, you have to include the word [Important] in brackets, exactly like this in the subject field.

Follow the same steps for contacting a buyer as previously explained, just remember the [Important] tag. Only ask the buyer for crucial information necessary for order completion. Otherwise, they can report you for sending inappropriate messages.

Non-critical information notices about your product not being in stock, confirmations for shipment, manuals for your products, and requests for reviews or feedback.

Amazon Messaging 101

Now you know all there is to messaging on Amazon. It can come in handy in many situations. As a buyer, you don’t need to reply to every message from a seller; you can easily opt-out if it’s a hassle.

As a seller, you can politely ask for feedback as there are no repercussions, just don’t continue to engage with buyers who aren’t interested.  More importantly, you can resolve delivery issues or any other order issues if necessary.

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