How to Send a Message on Nintendo Switch

It’s been more than three years, and Nintendo Switch still reigns the world of portable consoles. It’s comfortable, has great software, has fantastic games, and can even be docked for a superior gaming experience.

However, in the modern world of text communication, everyone wants to text on whatever device they’re using. Most popular devices are capable of sending and receiving messages of some sort. But how do you send a message on the Nintendo Switch? Can you do it at all?

It’s Not a Texting Console

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t going to make you happy. There is no way to send a text message on the Nintendo Switch. You can play online games with your friends, invite them to your games and accept their invitations. But you can’t exchange text messages.

The Switch isn’t a console made with texting in mind. Nintendo wanted to deliver a classic gaming experience with a hint of modernization, and they did just that. In a way, being able to text people through the console would ruin the experience and turn it into a social media platform.

how to send message on nintendo switch

Texting isn’t an option on the Switch. But can you communicate in any other way?

Voice Chat

Interestingly enough, voice chat is available on the Switch. And, when you think about it, it’s good that this option is the only communication option on the console. You shouldn’t text and drive because it takes away your attention from the road. Similarly, a texting option would ruin the gaming experience on the Nintendo Switch.

However, using a hands-free device to talk while driving is generally acceptable. In gaming, voice chatting has been a thing for many years.

So, yes, you can use voice chat on the Nintendo Switch if you want to talk to your teammates. And here’s how to do it.

Starting a Voice Chat on the Nintendo Switch

Although certain Switch games have their own voice chat feature, some are missing it. Plus, you may want a more robust app for the job. Well, you’re in luck, because such an app exists.

But how do you install an app on Nintendo Switch? Did they finally introduce apps on the console? No such luck. But as it turns out, you can use a phone app to voice chat using a Nintendo account. And, you always have a smartphone by your side, even when you’re playing games on the Switch.

So, search for and download an app called Nintendo Switch Online. Don’t worry; it’s an official Nintendo app. Launch it after installation, and they will prompt you to sign in to your Nintendo account. If you don’t have it, sign up. If you do have it, log in.

Start the game that you want to play on the console and turn on the voice chat support mode. Make sure that you use the same Nintendo account on your smartphone and your Switch.

Now, back to your smartphone or tablet. Tap Start when you’re ready to start the voice chat. Immediately, the app will create a lobby. Other people can join this lobby, and you can chat with them while playing online. You can find all the commands, including the kick/block functions, within the Android/iOS app.

Games with a Voice Chat Option

Some games have their own voice chat features. That means that you don’t have to use the Nintendo Switch Online app. In fact, with such games, it’s recommended that you use their native voice chat options.

At the moment, there aren’t a lot of these games, though. Fortnite and Warframe are the only two games that offer in-game voice chat on the Switch. Still, these games are pretty popular, and if you’re a fan, you should know that they have a voice chat feature.

send a message on nintendo switch

Voice chatting in either of the two games is very straightforward. Just plug your headset into the audio jack or the USB-C port on the Switch device, and that’s it. Bear in mind that your headset needs to have a microphone.

If you need to adjust the volume, go to the game’s audio options.

The Downsides of Nintendo Switch Online

As mentioned, if a game offers a built-in voice chat option, you should use it. One reason for this is avoiding lag and bugs. However, there’s another reason. If you opt for Nintendo Switch Online for voice chatting, say goodbye to the game’s audio. That’s, unless a game has a built-in voice chat option, you will have to choose between talking to people and hearing the in-game sound.

Another problem here is that the only way to use the voice chat on Nintendo Switch Online is by launching a game. As soon as you turn it off, the session ends.

The Silver Lining

Nintendo Switch has been on the market for more than three years. Despite this, the console is still going through constant updates and improvements. Such is the case with the Nintendo Switch Online app, as well.

When it was first released, you had to keep your phone unlocked to communicate with people in a game. It was since updated, and now you can lock your phone without ending the chat.

Plus, the app is less than two years old. There is still a lot of room for improvement, and surely, the next big update will bring some neat features and options.

Communicating on Nintendo Switch

Some players are devastated that Nintendo Switch doesn’t support text messaging. However, they don’t realize that this might ruin the gaming experience.

On the other hand, the voice chat option is there, but it isn’t perfect. But the Nintendo Switch Online app will keep improving as time goes by. Who knows, we might even see a form of a text chat feature in the future.

Do you think that a text chat option would be a good one to have on Nintendo Switch? We invite you to elaborate. Feel free to hit the comment section below and add your two cents.

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