How To Send a Message to Someone Who’s Not Your Friend in Discord

Posted by Arch on May 19, 2019
How to Send a Message to Someone Who's not Your Friend in Discord

Discord is a completely free platform designed for gaming communities. You can use their software to get in touch with other people who are playing your favorite games. Since talking in-game can be quite a hassle sometimes, Discord also allows its users to make voice calls and video calls.

But can you message someone who isn’t your friend on Discord? If so, how can you do it?

This article will show you everything you need to know Discord’s privacy settings.

Can You Message Someone Who Isn’t on Your Friends List?

Let’s say you have just met someone in a certain group in Discord. You aren’t yet friends but you would like to invite them to play a game with you. Does Discord allow you to message them?

The answer depends entirely on the person that you want to contact. You see, Discord has included a feature that people can use to organize and customize their inboxes. Discord has a problem with trolls and your inbox can easily get swarmed with junk messages.

Under Privacy and Safety, you can select exactly what kind of messages you want to receive on Discord.

Safe Direct Messaging

Find the Privacy and Safety option under My Account. Click on Privacy and Safety and you can use various features to make your account more secure.

The first section that you will be able to see is Safe Direct Messaging. In this section, you can adjust your inbox to allow or reject certain messages.

In other words, you can set Discord to automatically scan and delete direct messages you receive if they contain explicit content.

You have three options:

  1. Keep Me Safe – switching this option on will scan your Discord direct messages from everyone
  2. My Friends are Nice – turning this option on will scan your Discord direct messages from everyone unless they are your Discord friends
  3. I Live on the Edge – enabling this option will completely turn off Discord’s scanning feature. This means that your Discord inbox will be open to everyone.

Send Message to Someone Who's not Your Friend in Discord

So, if a person that you want to message isn’t your friend on Discord and they toggled the second option on, you won’t be able to message them. If that option isn’t toggled, you will see the Message icon on their profile, allowing you to chat with them.

What Else Can You Do in Privacy and Safety?

As mentioned, there are other options you can adjust in the Privacy and Safety tab.

Below the Safe Direct Messaging section, you will find the Server Privacy Defaults. There’s only one option in this section that you can tweak.

If you toggle this option on, you will allow direct messages to be received from server members. What you need to know is that this setting will be applied once you join a new server. It won’t apply to the servers you have already joined.

Message to Someone Who's not Your Friend in Discord

Below this, there’s a Who Can Add You as a Friend section.

As the name of the section suggests, you will be able to control who can send you a Discord friend request, and the options are:

  1. Everyone – allowing everyone to add you as a friend
  2. Friends of Friends – allowing only your friends’ friends to add you
  3. Server Members – allowing only people that you are sharing a server with to add you

who can add you as friend discord

How to Block Someone on Discord?

If someone has been bugging you or sending you messages that you don’t like, you can always use the block feature. This will block them from even visiting your Discord profile again (unless you decide to unblock them later).

Here is how you can block people:

  1. In your DM chat, click on @username – this will show you the user’s Discord profile
  2. Click on the three horizontal dots – they are located in the top-right corner of the user’s profile (next to Send Friend Request or Send Message, based on whether you are friends or not)
  3. Click on Block

DM in Discord

After clicking on the Block option, you will add that Discord user to your block list. By tapping on the three dots, you can also remove someone from your friend’s list or send them a message.

Find Your Voice with Discord

Discord is a fantastic platform to use if you are a gamer. It’s also becoming more popular in general, especially among users interested in voice calls. But there are some users who like to stir up trouble, so it’s important to learn how to navigate Discord’s privacy settings.

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