How to Send Photos to Echo Show

If you owned one of the initial Amazon Alexa speakers, you know that customization there is limited to a vinyl decal or a case. As Alexa speakers went through changes and upgrades, however, we’ve seen huge improvements. Case in point is the Echo Show, equipped with a touchscreen and all.

This has, naturally, brought a tide of customization options to the table, so here’s what you can do to customize your Echo Show.

Home Screen Background

Home screen customization is often the first thing that comes to mind with such gadgets. It’s quite straightforward with most Amazon products. To tweak the appearance of the home screen, swipe down from the top and tap Settings (gear icon). Then, scroll down in the settings menu and tap Home & Clock. In the next menu, select Clock.

You can select the clock as your home screen or a variety of photos. The categories include Recent Clocks, Playful, Modern, Classic, Photography, and Personal Photos. Each offers a set of configurations. If you select, say Classic, you’ll get five clock options: School House, Zen, Texture, Kaleidoscope, and Stellar. Every one of these clocks shuffles through a variety of backgrounds.

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Naturally, you can set the home screen to a single background, done by tapping the pencil icon (edit) and navigating to Background. You can further select your preferred Clock Face from the edit menu.

Of course, you can add your own photos to your device’s home screen, which is done by selecting the Personal Photos option. However, you need a Prime Photos subscription or the Alexa app for that: go to Settings, then navigate to Home & Clock, and then Clock¸ Personal Photos, Background, and, finally, Prime Photos.

Another way would be to upload the photos directly from your phone, which is doable so long as you have the Alexa app. To do this, instead of selecting Prime Photos, select Alexa App Photo and open the Alexa app. Navigate to Settings, then Your Echo Show, and tap Home Screen Background. Choose the photo that you want to use and simply tap Upload. In a few seconds, you’ll see the selected photo in your Echo Show’s background.

You can also create a slideshow. To do this, go to the Amazon Photos website using your browser and select Album. Then, click Create Album, name the album, and select Create. Select the photos that you want to use as your Amazon Echo Show slideshow and click Add to Album. Back on your Echo Show device, swipe down from the home screen and enter the Settings menu by navigating to the abovementioned gear icon. Then, select Display and tap Photo Slideshow.

Now, simply say “Alexa, show my [album name]” and your Echo Show device will start the slideshow.

Home Screen Features

Echo Show customization goes beyond aesthetics. There are functionality tweaks that can be really useful. By default, the Echo Show displays the time. However, you can use Home Cards to add far more functionalities. Access Home Cards by navigating to Settings (gear icon), Home & Clock, and then Home Cards.

send photos or pictures to echo show

This essentially allows you to display a variety of cards, such as Messaging, Notifications, Reminders, Upcoming Events, Weather, Trending Topics, Drop In, etc. Using this menu, you can also choose how the cards are displayed: continuously or as soon as new information is available. For example, if you select the former, the cards will be shuffled continuously, with the clock periodically shown. If you select the latter, a card will be shown only when there is new information.

Echo Show Night Mode

The information displayed on your Echo Show device may be very convenient and useful. However, it isn’t too effective when you’re sleeping. In fact, you probably don’t want your bedside Echo Show device to light up at full brightness every time you receive a notification. You could manually lower the brightness and edit the notification settings before bedtime, but this is definitely not the most convenient way to go.

By enabling Night Mode, you can set your Echo Show device to lower screen brightness and be more “considerate” when displaying notifications. To do this, go to Settings¸ then Home & Clock, and tap Night Mode. In this menu, you can select when to dim the clock face and when to exit Night Mode. Of course, you can customize this for every day of the week.

Customizing the Echo Show

As you can see, there are many cool tweaks for personalizing your Echo Show. Whether you want to change the clock style, the background photo, start a slideshow, or set up Night Mode, you can do it all quickly and effortlessly, with just your Echo Show device, your computer, and the Amazon app on your smartphone/tablet device.

How have you set up your Echo Show? Do you use the Nighttime Clock? Have you found some tweaks of your own? Feel free to tell your story in the comments section below and don’t refrain from asking anything Echo-related.

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Avatar cynthia says:
How do I send photos from my iPhone to someone else’s Amazon show
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You can’t

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