How to Set the Dark Theme in MacOS

Posted by Heather on July 28, 2016
Apple Dark

You may already know that you can customize the way your Mac desktop looks, without the use of any third-party applications. Did you know that there’s a Dark Theme choice? Well, it’s not right out in the open—it’s slightly under the surface of MacOS within the System Preferences. We’re going to show you where to go to change your Mac’s desktop from the light to the dark theme.

Set the Dark Theme

Sometimes is nice to switch things up a bit. Rather than sticking to the traditional appearance of MacOS, let’s get crazy and go dark.

  1. Go to “System Preferences” (it’s the gear icon in your dock).                                               System Preferences
  2. Next, click on “General.”                                                                                                            General pref
  3. Look directly under “Appearance,” and check off the box near “Use dark menu bar and Dock.”  Dark Menu Mac

You’ve now got the Dark Theme enabled on MacOS. Not too hard, right? And it looks pretty slick.

If you’ve had enough of living on the wild side, you can always change your Mac desktop back to the traditional look.  Just head back into System Preferences > General > uncheck the box near “Use dark menu bar and Dock.”

Did you notice that you can also change other appearance settings? You could:

  • Use Blue or Graphite for Buttons, Menus, and Windows.
  • Automatically show or hide the Menu bar at the top of your Mac.
  • Change the highlight color for your folders and files.
  • Change the Sidebar icon size from small to medium or large.

Other than these built-in options on MacOS, there’s really not much out there like the Theme choices that Windows users have. If you know of or have heard of some cool Mac apps that let you customize your Mac desktop more specifically, let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

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