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How To Set, Edit And Delete Alarm Clock On OnePlus 5

There are owners of the OnePlus 5 that will like to know how to make use of the alarm clock feature. The OnePlus 5 comes with an efficient alarm clock that does a good job of reminding you important events and for waking you up. The OnePlus 5 alarm clock can also be used as a stopwatch to record time while making a morning run. The alarm clock feature can also be used as an effective snooze feature when you’re in a hotel with no alarm clock.

The tips below will make you understand how you can configure and delete the alarm clock app with it’s built in icon and how you can easily make use of the snooze feature on your OnePlus 5.

Manage Alarms

It’s easy to create an alarm. Click on Apps and then go to Clock and click on Create. Edit the options to the time you wish.

How to Set the Snooze Feature

If you will like to use the snooze feature of the alarm sound on OnePlus 5, all you need to do is tap and swipe the ZZ icon in any direction. You will need to first set the snooze feature in your alarm settings before you can activate it.

Delete Alarma

To delete an alarm on your OnePlus 5, press and hold the specific alarm you wish to delete then tap Delete. If you wish to switch off an alarm and keep it for future use, tap on “Clock.”