How To Setup Voicemail on the iPhone

Voicemail is a very helpful feature to have on your phone, especially if you do a lot of calling. Without voicemail, you could miss important messages from colleagues, clients or friends. While almost every phone now days will be outfitted with the possibility to use voicemail, it can be a tad confusing to set up as it is all done by the phone and not laid out in front of you like setting up your phone for the first time was. Thankfully, this article will go over the process of how to set up your voicemail. Note that the process may differ slightly depending on what carrier and version of the iPhone you currently have.

While most companies will include a voicemail service as a part of the cell plan, you will still want to make sure that your plan does indeed come with voicemail before trying this step by step process.  Some companies will include voicemail in your standard rate package, while others may charge a few dollars a month for this feature. If you can’t find the information online, a quick call to your provider should answer the question for you. Once you know that you have voicemail on your plan, you are ready to set up voicemail. Remember, even if the voicemail is included in your plan, it won’t be turned on until you do it yourself.


Setting up a voicemail is initiated by either pressing the voicemail button in the Phone app or calling a number. The number that you call will depend on which carrier you have your cell plan with. Once you dial the number, the process of setting up your voicemail will begin. You will be prompted to set a password, state your name and record a greeting. Once you are done with the “over-the-phone” process, which should only take a few minutes, then you are all set up with a standard voicemail. Checking them is as easy as tapping the voicemail option in the Phone app, and then cycling through your messages.

While the standard voicemail plan is helpful and will be sufficient for some, there is also a more advanced feature that has been around in iPhone’s for years now, called Visual Voicemail. Visual Voicemail is just that, it allows you to see a helpful interface of your voicemail activity. A standard voicemail will force you to dial into your system and sit through all of your messages, without being able to select which ones you listen to and which you skip. Visual Voicemail shows you all your messages and allows you to pick and choose which you listen to, and also lets you delete messages too. The only problem is that not every carrier and company will offer this option. To check if your company includes this option (and to set it up), follow these steps:


Step 1: Go to the Phone app, hit the voicemail button and then hit Set Up Now. If you do not see that button as an option on your screen, then Visual Voicemail is not available to you.

Step 2: Create and confirm your password.

Step 3: Next, you will be able to select a Default or a Custom greeting.


From here, you are all set up and once voicemails start rolling in, you’ll be able to choose which ones you answer and which you ignore for the time being.

So while many of us use our iPhones more for social media, messaging and other things, it is still a phone. And one of the most useful aspects of having a phone is being able to receive and listen to voicemails. By following these step by step guides in this article, you should be able to easily and quickly set up voicemail on your iPhone.

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