Share Your Secrets Anonymously With Whisper

Remember when you were a kid and you shared a secret in a too-loud whisper in the ear of your best friend? Remember how good it felt to get those words off your chest? Now, remember how much it sucked when your not-so-best-friend shared your secret with his other bestie?

That formula for disaster is the inspiration behind Whisper, an app that helps you share your secrets anonymously with others.

Whisper, explained

Started in 2012, Whisper longs to be your go-to place for disclosing your most intimate secrets, completely anonymously, with a social network of users all doing the same thing.

Whisper is 100-percent free and works with the iOS and Android. You never need to share anything; you can be a secret eavesdropper if you like, which is surprisingly amusing and addicting.

Getting started

turn on location services in Whisper

Download Whisper from the Apple Store or Google Play. Once installed, click on the app to open Whisper. You’ll be greeted with the screen above, asking you to turn on your location settings. This is optional. Turning on this setting will allow you to see the secrets of others in your immediate area and at your school. Keep in mind that this also means others in your neighborhood will be able to view your secrets, too.

tap the person icon to create an account


To create your account, tap the little person icon in the lower-right side of your screen (as shown above), then hit the settings gear icon in the upper-right of your screen. This is where you’ll enter your pseudonym. If you want to protect your privacy, you obviously don’t want to choose a username you’re known for elsewhere online.

choosing nickname in Whisper

You can also define your chat settings on this screen and various other options.

Share your secret

typing secret on Whisper app

You can share a secret by clicking the purple plus icon on the bottom-center of any screen inside the Whisper app. This opens a new window for you to begin typing. When you’re done typing, hit the purple “next” button in the upper-right corner.

On the next screen you’ll choose an image to go behind your text. Swipe right to left to scroll through the available images to see which one looks best.

choosing image on Whisper app


Choose the purple “Post” icon in the upper right when you’re ready to share. Your secret will then join others on the main page of the Whisper app where users can like your post, reply to it with their own thoughts, or send you a private word of encouragement.

Whispers are categorized at the top of your screen by the newest shares, most popular, those nearby (viewable only if you have location services turned on) and those from your school. The latter option is only available when you’re actually on a school campus, which means you’ll have to have location services turned on to use this feature, as well.

Whisper dashboard

You’ll see new chat notifications and a count of who liked or commented on your Whisper by tapping the person icon on the bottom of your screen.

Whisper is entirely anonymous, so unless you give your personal details to someone, no one will have any idea who you are, which makes this social network a great place to vent, connect with others, and spill your guts.

Shhh! I have a secret.

Posted by Jodi Jae on April 19, 2016

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