15 Cool Ways to Use Siri in macOS Sierra

Posted by Jim Tanous on September 6, 2016
siri mac sierra

6. Enable or Disable Wi-Fi

macos sierra siri wifi
Continuing the trend of using Siri as a handy way to perform basic system tasks, try managing Wi-Fi. Whether you’re trying to conserve battery life or ensure privacy, just ask Siri to disable (or enable, as the case may be) your Mac’s Wi-Fi.
Recall, however, that Siri uses cloud-based processing for some of her more advanced capabilities. As she’ll warn you, turning off your Mac’s Wi-Fi will limit Siri’s effectiveness for some queries.

7. Set Up Reminders

siri mac sierra reminders
Apple has long included a robust “Reminders” feature in both iOS and macOS. But let’s face it: unless you religiously adhere to a “Getting Things Done” philosophy involving tasks and due dates, it can be difficult to remember to set Reminders. Asking Siri to do it for you with a natural language request, however, is much easier.
Just ask Siri to “remind” you to perform some task at a given time or under a set condition. Examples include “Remind me to call mom at noon” or “Remind me to log my timesheet at 5:30.” And because Reminders sync via iCloud to your iPhone or iPad, you can also set location-based reminders, such as “Remind me to pick up milk when I leave the office.” Once you get accustomed to setting a reminder via Siri as soon as something pops into your head, you’ll never forget an important call or task again!

8. Check Sports Scores and Stats

siri mac sierra sports
The ubiquity of smartphones like the iPhone have changed the course of barroom arguments forever. Now, instead of furiously typing questions into a Google search, you can just ask Siri for the latest score or settle bets with stats info.
Example questions include “Who won the Bills game last night?”, “Show me [Player Name]’s current stats”, and “How many home runs did Babe Ruth hit during his career?”

9. Turn Bluetooth On or Off

siri mac sierra bluetooth
This one can be especially handy for MacBook owners who use a separate Bluetooth keyboard and mouse while at home, but the built-in keyboard and mouse while on the go. Bluetooth is relatively energy efficient, but why waste even a small amount of battery life when you don’t need it?
You can always enable or disable Bluetooth via the menu bar, but now you can also use Siri. When you’re getting set up at the coffee shop, just tell Siri to “turn off Bluetooth” and she’ll be happy to oblige. When you get back home, tell her to turn it back on again and you’ll be up and running with your external keyboard and mouse in no time.

10. Find Files Quickly

siri mac sierra files
When you’re working on a project and need to locate or corral related files, just ask Siri. You can ask Siri to perform common Finder searches, such as showing you files that you worked on yesterday, files containing a certain Spotlight-compatible criterion, or files matching certain tags.
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