Use Siri to Remind Yourself to Look at a Webpage Later

Many have a love-hate relationship with Siri, Apple’s digital assistant that comes with iOS. Hold the Home button a little too long on your iPhone and Siri is bound to interrupt whatever you’re doing, whether you were interested in summoning her from the depths of your device or not. And then there’s Siri’s knack for mispronouncing the name of nearly every friend you have.

Believe it or not, Siri can learn from you, which makes her much less irritating and you a whole lot less frustrated. And Siri has quite a few of her own tricks up her sleeve, too. For example, did you know she can remind you to look at a webpage later?

A quick intro to Siri

Siri stands for Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface. In short, Siri is an intelligent personal assistant that you can ask to send or read a text message, get directions, make phone calls, and perform a host of other tasks that would normally require you a few keystrokes to accomplish. She’s endlessly helpful, but only if you understand how to put her to work for you.

Why would you need Siri to remind you to look at a page later?

If you’re like most mobile web surfers, you often find that one link leads to another, then another, then another, and so on. You may begin searching Google for a recipe for banana bread and find that two hours later you’re reading a link about the difference between bananas and plantains.

If you find yourself short on time during a marathon internet search or need to save a page for later viewing or note-taking , you can do so easily with Siri. Sure, you could bookmark the page in Safari or Google Chrome, but how many bookmarks do you already have tucked away that you’ve long ago forgotten about? Using Siri to add a reminder makes this link important. It also means the link won’t be lost in the litter of other links you call bookmarks.

So, how do get Siri to do the work for you?

The step-by-step guide

Step one: Press and hold the Home key on any web page you want to save

The home key is the large, round button at the bottom of your iPhone or iPad, in case you’re wondering. On any webpage you wish to save for later reading, press and hold the Home button. This will call Siri into action and she will ask what she can help you with.

Step two: Ask Siri to save the page you’re viewing

setting up reminder with Siri

You can use whatever natural language you wish here to set a reminder to view a website later. Some ideas:

  • Remind me to view this web page at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning
  • Remind me to look at this page later
  • Remind me to email this website to John
  • Remind me to print this website on March 30
  • Remind me to look at this webpage when I get home

You get the idea and, honestly, your options here are pretty limitless. Once you’ve asked Siri to schedule a reminder, she tucks it away in your Today reminders list in the Reminders app. If you need the reminder to go into a different list, you can specify that when setting up the reminder.

reminder set


Once the reminder is saved, clicking on it takes you to the very page you were reading. Think of it as a temporary bookmark for something you can’t afford to forget.

This Siri shortcut works in any browser you may be using on the iPhone or iPad.


Posted by Jodi Jae on April 14, 2016

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