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Slack Integration With Jira

There are two tools that are indispensable for a lot of developers. Slack [1], which is a fairly new communication tool for companies. And Jira [2], which has been around quite a while, but only became a favorite tool of mine with their latest major release of their software.

How do we go about getting these 2 pieces of software to talk? There are a few different options, depending on what you’re trying to do:

1. Slack Jira Plugin [3]

This is a javascript plugin that automatically appends a link to a message whenever there is a mention of a JIRA issue within the Slack message

2. Zapier [4] (paid)

Zapier specializes in getting software to talk to each other. They have hooks and API calls for many of the most useful pieces of software, and these two are no exception. A couple of examples what you could do:

3. Slack Connector [5] (by Atlassian)

This is a 2 way connection built by Atlassian, the makers of Jira. Among the standout features avaiable You can:

More integrations are being built every day. If you have any questions about how to integrate, contact us and we’d be happy to expand upon this topic.