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There’s an overabundance of social networks in 2018, and sometimes, it can be hard to keep track of what you should and shouldn’t be using when it comes to popular services. There’s always the big three—Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—but each of those have their own quirks and reason to be used by you and your friends (plus, you’re probably already on them). Then there’s more anonymous networks like YouTube and Reddit, which you probably use without even considering them true social networks. Snapchat also exists, although it’s relevancy is slowly being driven away by Instagram’s competing features. Then there’s Pinterest, Tumblr, and other

One social network you might be less than familiar with is, a social network that originated in China and has spent the last several years becoming massively popular in the United States with younger audiences, especially after Vine was shutdown by Twitter. In some ways, is a replacement for Vine centered around repurposing audio clips to recreate and modify existing art into something new. Originally, as the name suggests, was created in order for users to use the app to create short, 15 second music videos with their favorite songs, using the cameras on their phones in some crazy new ways to create transitions, effects, and more. has become focused on so much more since its original inception, though; in addition to music, you can use clips from comedians, movies, television shows, and so much more to create funny clips of you and your friends. has an abundance of effects, transitions, and more to use when you’re creating your clips in the composition screen, and some of them can be a bit confusing to learn how to use. One of the most important controls in the composition display inside is the ability to slow down or speed up playback of your clip, making it easier to create effects and control how your final video turns out. It’s not evident when starting out in how to use the effects, however, so today, let’s take a deep look at how to use slow motion in the app to make your videos the best they can be. This is how slow motion works inside of

Speed Effects

Once you’ve chosen a track to record with inside of, you can open the composition screen to use your camera. Like other photo and video-sharing apps such as Instagram or Snapchat, you’re going to find a wide variety of controls and options within the composition screen of, with the record button on the bottom of the display, commands in the top-right corner of the display, and a smiley icon to the left of the record button. Each of these options have their own controls, whether it be activating your camera’s flash, changing the time of the clip you’ve selected, or using the effects in the app like filters and augmented reality effects. There really is a whole variety of commands and looks you can apply to your clips to make your videos stand out among the hundreds of millions of videos on the service.

The most important effect you’ll find in the service, however, is the ability to affect the speed of your recording. You’ll find these options at the bottom of the display, just above the record icon for your video, and it’s important to pay attention to which of the five speed settings you have set on your recording. Each of the five options—Epic, Slow, Normal, Fast, and Lapse—affect both the speed your selected track is played back at, and how the finished recording appears when your video is completed and the song is played back at normal speed. In all honesty, the options given by can be a bit confusing, so if you aren’t sure where to start, check out our guide below.

Slowing Down Your Video

To the left of the normal speed setting, you’ll find Epic and Slow. Both of these options speed up the track when you’re recording, making the song clip sound like a chipmunk effect and causing it to be a bit more difficult to lip sync to the track. However, once you’re done recording your track, you’ll realize that the actual video you recorded is now played back in slow-motion, with a drop in frame rate when playing the clip back.

If you’re looking to create a slow-motion effect, you should start by using the slow motion setting. Epic should be reserved for specific, high-speed moments, like at sporting events or if your dog is running at you. For most cases, the slow setting is the best option for most of the videos you’ll probably be looking to create, since Slow is slow enough to create actual videos while not being so fast so as to make it difficult to capture the video you’re creating. Epic is hard to control, but if you can do it properly, you can end up with some pretty crazy videos to show off to your friends and followers.

Speeding Up Your Video

While using the Slow and Epic modes inside of allows you to slow down the actual video, most people choose to slow down the song when recording instead of the video. This creates the opposite effect of speeding up the audio, and it can be great for making your video a bit more creative. To use it, select either Fast or Lapse from above the record button, then begin recording by holding your finger on the button. Just as you might expect from the previous segment, using the Fast option slows down the song’s playback, lowering the pitch and making it easier to lip sync. Lapse, meanwhile, slows the video capture to a crawl and generally makes it that much more challenging to record footage.

The key to using this option effectively is to move in slow-mo with the song. You can see plenty of examples of how this works in the app itself; clicking on any popular music clip will likely use the speed effect in some way in order to make lip syncing easier. While most people will slow their motions down when recording so that they look natural when you recreate the effect, others will use the speed effect to their balance, moving at normal speed when recording in order to make themselves seem even faster. If you’re wondering whether a specific video you’re watching used the speed effect, watch the unnatural blinking movements to see if things look unnatural or faster than they normally otherwise would be.

Using Speed Effects with Other Effects

Don’t forget that speed alone isn’t the only way to customize your video. Just because you use the speed effects doesn’t mean you have to be finished customizing and making your video the best it can be. The speed effects can be used in conjunction with every other effect in, from the classic filter experience to the augmented reality stickers you can place around your camera using the shortcut on your device. There are plenty of options to be used in, both during and after you finish recording, and you’ll want to make sure you don’t forget these options when trying to make your videos stand out from the crows.

Finally, don’t forget the app has an erase button, which you can use to try to get your shows perfect in case you mess something up while filming.


Without Vine still available on the web, has become the go to place to create brilliant, funny videos to share with your friends online. With the advent of being able to create clips with your favorite sound, making a video on can actually be even more creatively fulfilling than Vine, giving you a format to work off of and offering clips from your favorite songs, videos, movies, and more. The best way to improve your videos is to use the speed effects built into, which allow you to create smooth or slow-mo videos with the click of a button. Whether you’re looking to slow down the action in a shot or you’re looking to slow the song recording down so you can lip sync to the clip and get the action clean and clear, makes it easy to get the exact shot you want.

If you’re looking for some of the best songs to use with, make sure to check out some of our favorite songs here.

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