How to snap windows to predefined areas of the desktop


Windows Aero Snap snaps windows to the edge of the desktop, but you can’t configure it. WinDock is a Windows 10 software package that enables you to snap, or dock, windows to predefined desktop areas by moving them to trigger positions. That’s pretty similar to Aero Snap, except that you can configure where those windows snap to.

Head over to this page and press the Download button there to save the WinDock setup to Windows 10 (or XP, Vista, 7 and 8). You can add WinDock to Windows with the setup wizard. Then run the software, right-click the WinDock system tray icon and select Configuration to open the window in the shot directly below.


On the left of the window there are saved profiles you can select from. That already includes a Default Profile and Mimic Aero Snap profile to try out. Click a profile there and press the Set Activate button to activate it.

To set up your own profile, press the left Add button and enter a profile title in the text box. Click the new profile listed and the right Add button to open the window in the snapshot below. This is where you can set up how the windows snap.


First, the windows need triggers that snap them. You can set up triggers at the corners, edges or specific areas of the desktop. For example, select Corners from the Trigger Type drop-down menu. Select Top Left as the trigger. Moving the window to the top left corner of the desktop will then trigger it to snap to dock position.

Then you’ll need to configure the docking position the window snaps to. You can configure the window position by entering percentage values in the Left, Top, Right and Bottom boxes. Those are effectively the left, top, right and bottom window borders.

For example, to snap a window to the far right bottom corner of the desktop, you would enter 100% in the Right and Bottom boxes. Then you’ll also need to input some values in the Left and Top boxes to configure the position of those borders. If you set each of those to 50%, that will then position those borders 50% to right and bottom of the desktop. Thus, the window will dock at the bottom right quarter of the desktop as shown below. 


Entering lower percentage figures in the Top and Left boxes would expand those borders further up and left. For example, enter 25% in the Top and Left boxes and keep the Bottom and Right values at 100%. That will snap the window as shown below.


Click OK and press Apply to save the new snap, and activate your new profile. Then try it out with a window by clicking the Restore Down button. Move it to the trigger position, and it will then move, or snap, to the docking position you set up.

Overall, WinDock a great tool for Windows 10. With it you can now quickly resize and dock the windows on the desktop by dragging them to trigger positions. 

Posted by Matthew on June 20, 2016

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