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All right, Snapchat folks, today we’re going to be talking about changing the font size, position, and color in Snapchat. This will allow you to make the greatest best friend captions (among others) you could ever want on your posts. You can add text to your snaps natively in the Snapchat app. However, instead of the tiny text displayed in the black strip within your snap, you can also make the text bigger and more user-friendly. You can also change text position and colors. Didn’t know that? Well, now you do—and we’re going to walk you through the process of doing it.

Changing Font Size and Position

So under usual circumstances, once you’ve captured a snap on your iOS or Android mobile device, you have the option of adding a text caption to it. To do that:

  • In between the sticker icon and the pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, select the capital “T.” This allows you to add text to a snap. The result is a small highlighted black strip with some white text in it. You can move it around and place it wherever you want within your snap. As you’ll see, the text is really tiny, and this may be okay for some things, but not all.                                                                                                                                                                           Snapchat small text
  • Before you post your snap, to make the text bigger, tap on the “T” once again. This now makes the text larger, aligns it left and it pops out more. You can then make it even bigger by pinching the screen with your fingers, as well as rotate the text however you like.Snapchat bigger text
  • If you tap on the “T” a third time, the text is still bigger, but by tapping a third time the Snapchat app centers the text on the screen.                                                                                                                                                                           Snapchat text center

That’s a pretty cool tip to have about Snapchat, right? We think it is. Let’s move on to changing your snap’s text color within the Snapchat app.

Change Text Color

White text is the default color that is used by the Snapchat app. Want to switch things up and add a bit of color to your snaps? Let’s make those snaps stand out.

  1. Take a snap. Then, tap on the “T” icon twice.
  2. You’ll then be on the screen where you can change the text color by moving your finger up and down on the color bar in the upper right of your screen.                                                                                                                                       Snapchat text color
  3. Type your caption or the text you want displaying on your snap, then move your finger up and down in the color selector bar until your text shows up in the color you want to use.                                                                                       Snap with yellow text
  4. By moving your finger all the way up and across the screen to the left, out of the boundaries of the color bar, you can use white text. By moving your finger all the way down the color bar outside of the bottom of its borders to the lower part of your mobile display, you can use black text.                                                                                                        Snap with Black text
  5. If you tap the “T,” you’ll see your written text placed on your snap. It’ll get changed from the small text displayed in the black strip to larger text aligned to the left of your screen when tapping “T” again; or if you tap “T” a third time, it centers the text on your snap.
  6. You are still able to resize the text and change the angle at which you want it displayed on your snap as we said before by pinching the text on the screen and moving it around to the desired angle with your fingers.                 Snap text rotated

Pretty helpful Snapchat information. So, now you don’t have to use the boring old white text default in Snapchat.  You can add some pizzazz and color to really make your snaps stand out. If you’ve got any other text tips, let us know in the comments.

Posted by Heather on August 10, 2016

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