Do Snapchat Filters Work on Animals?

Posted by Arch on November 5, 2018

Do you love taking adorable pictures of your pets? Are you Snapchat savvy? If so, you may be yearning to put cute filters on your pets’ photos.

The good news is: you can do it with Snapchat. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work. If you are new to this phenomenon, follow the steps below to start you on your Snapchat pet filter odyssey.

Step 1 – Update Your App

Snapchat released an object recognition software update for the app in late 2017. If you’ve updated the app since then, odds are that you already have this software.

If you don’t, check out the steps below:

For iPhones

Go to the App Store icon and tap on it. In the bottom-right corner of the App Store home screen, you will see an option for Updates. Tap on it.

Next, tap on the Update All option near the top of the screen. Enter your password when prompted and wait for your apps to update.

For Android Phones

Go to the Google Play Store icon and tap on it. Tap on the Menu option and then “My apps & games” from the next menu. Google automatically checks for new updates for your installed apps. If you do have updates available, tap on Update All and wait for your updates to install.

Step 2 – Take a Photo of Your Pet

Now it’s time to take a photo of your pet. Open your Snapchat app and take your pet’s picture. It may be helpful if you attempt this while your pet is relaxed and willing to look at you.

Step 3 – Apply Filter

Lastly, apply a filter to your new pet pic. Swipe through your filter carousel until you get near the end. This should be where the newer object-specific filters are located. You may use these or other installed filters.

In addition, since the software works on object-specific recognition, you may have different filter choices pop-up depending on your pet photos.

Photo Filters vs. Selfie Filters

If you’re a Snapchat pro, you may already know the difference between photo and selfie filters. But if you’re new to the platform, you may need to know the difference between the two before trying to apply filters to your pet.

You see, the new object-specific recognition software for Snapchat applies to photo filters. That means that you snap a photo using the Snapchat app and add a filter afterward. You may see clever stickers and frames applied to photos using these types of filters.

However, if you were hoping to take silly pictures of your dog’s face using Snapchat filters, that’s another story entirely.

Selfie filters are a little more high-tech and dynamic. Not only do they require the app to recognize your pet, but it has to recognize your pet’s face, too. If you want to try this option out, follow the quick steps below:

Step 1 – Open the App

First, open up your Snapchat app and make sure that your pet’s face is on your phone screen. You may have to wait until your pet is relaxed or sitting still before attempting this.

Step 2 – Face Recognition

Next, tap on your pet’s face on the screen and hold it there until you see white line grids over the face. This means that the app recognizes your pet’s face. If you are having trouble getting the app to recognize your pet’s face, you may have to adjust distance and lighting.

Step 3 – Apply Selfie Filters

Finally, after Snapchat has successfully recognized your pet’s face, you’ll see an array of filters pop-up near the bottom of the screen. These are the selfie face filters that can change your pet’s appearance.

Furthermore, you may want to be aware that some pet faces simply don’t register with the app.

If you are determined to take a pet selfie with a filter, there are other apps available to use with Snapchat.

Pet Filter Alternatives

So you tried to take pictures of your pet using Snapchat, but the app won’t recognize your pet’s face. Don’t worry. You aren’t alone and the appropriate software is still a work in progress.

But you don’t have to wait for the app to catch up to your beloved pet’s face. If you’re ready to add filters to your pet’s pictures, you may want to try out some third-party apps instead.

There are a few pet photo editor apps available on Google Play and the iTunes App Store. Some are free to download and install, but in-app purchases may be necessary to get access to all the filters.

Final Thought

Taking Snapchat filtered photos of your pets can be fun. Luckily, using filters is very easy. Just follow the simple steps presented in this article and in no time you’ll be uploading and sending fun photos and videos of the silly things your pets get into.

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