5 Extremely Useful Snapchat Tips and Tricks

Posted by Arch on April 16, 2019
Useful Snapchat Tips and Tricks

Some consider Snapchat to be the most user-friendly social media app. But while everyone can figure out how to use the app’s basic functions, there are some hidden features that many users aren’t aware of.

Here are 5 things you can do with Snapchat to enhance your experience when using the app.

1. Drawing with Hidden Colors

Why would anyone want to draw over their Snap? It’s just something cool that Snapchat allows you to do. Users draw glasses, horns, fake moustaches, handwrite text, etc. You definitely can’t do amazing graphic work but doodling is a popular feature nonetheless.

With that in mind, did you know that you can use some hidden colors to make your drawing stand out more?

When you want to draw on a Snap, you can use the standard palette featured as a rainbow slider bar. It will be displayed on the right side of your Snap. Drawing in black, white, yellow, red, and other colors is done by touching the slider and dragging the color to the bottom of the screen.

So how can you use hidden colors? Drag your finger from the slider to the left or bottom of the Snap. This will bring up in-between color options that aren’t featured in the standard interface.

Another awesome thing you can do, if you’re using Snapchat on an Android device, is to use transparent colors. For this, you have to press and hold the rainbow slider until a complete palette menu appears. Sadly, iPhone users can’t do this.

Useful Snapchat Tricks

2. Geolocation Filters

Everyone knows by now how to add geolocation filters that help you show off your globetrotting lifestyle. But do you know how to fake locations?

Snapchat, like many other social media apps, makes use of your smartphone’s GPS and Wi-Fi data to pin-point an accurate location. But there is a way around this, if you’re willing to use third-party apps.

The Phantom app allows you to post a Snap with a geolocation filter from France if you were taking pictures in Tokyo. It works almost like a VPN service in that it allows you to pretend that you’re somewhere else, even half-way across the globe.

Phantom is installed through a third-party app store called TweakBox. After you install the app, launch Snapchat and tap the Location button at the bottom of your screen.

This should prompt the world map to appear. From there, you can select whatever location you want in order to get geolocation filters from that region. Tap and hold on the desired location until the map disappears. Then you can make your selection.

Swipe right on the screen to cycle through unlocked filters and add them to whatever photo or video you want to post.

Snapchat Tips

3. Switching from Front to Rear Camera

The camera icon is useful but it can be hard to hit if you’re already trying to get the best angle and you’ve forgotten to make the switch beforehand. But there’s a more convenient way to switch between the rear-facing camera to the front-facing camera.

Simply tap the screen twice to switch between cameras. If you’re all about selfies, this should be most helpful.

4. Saving Messages

You probably know by now that Snapchat doesn’t come with a built-in archive that keeps your messages saved indefinitely. That’s because the main focus of the app is uploading pics and video content.

By default, messages sent via Snapchat’s chat messages only stay saved until both the sender and receiver get a chance to read them. After that, they disappear forever.

But if you have received important information via Snapchat, you can save the individual message. Simply tap on it and then hold until you see the message font get bolded.

This will save your message in Memories. You can go back to it and review the contact information, directions, or whatever it was that deserved a save. If for some reason you no longer need it, you can mark it for deletion by un-saving it. Tap on the message once and you’re done.

5. Best Friends List

It can be annoying to have to look for conversations in the message inbox or search for your friends in the contact list. You probably know that Snapchat allows you to have three people listed as your best friends. This option is enabled by default and it puts those three names at the top of your list for easy access.

Snapchat Tips and Tricks

But did you know that you can increase that number?

If you go to Settings > Manage you will find the # of Best Friends option. Tap on that and then pick the number you want.

Get the Most out of Snapchat

By using these tricks, you can customize your snaps and your online experience. You can do more impressive edits, trick people with your geolocation filters, and save important information to get around the annoyingly limited IM settings.

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Em says:
Transparent isn’t possible any longer on Android, I’ve been trying for minutes now, nothing. You say ” you have to press and hold the rainbow slider until a complete palette menu appears”, but when I do press and hold the rainbow slider, nothing happens. No complete palette menu.

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