How To Fix TV Sound Problems with Chromecast

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Say you’ve picked up a Chromecast and are about to cast a movie or show you’ve been dying to watch. The video is up on your TV screen in all its glory, but there’s no sound—did you suddenly lose your hearing? Probably not. These things don’t always work perfectly out of the box.

This post highlights various solutions to fix sound problems with your Google Chromecast.

Sound Fix Solutions

The first and easiest fix to try when dealing with an audio problem with your Google Chromecast is disconnecting it and reconnecting with a different HDMI port. (This is assuming, of course, that you have a secondary HDMI port available.) Believe it or not, I have had issues with individual USB ports not working with a device, and trying a secondary USB port solved the problem.

But what if that didn’t work for you? The next thing to try is disconnecting your Google Cast app or the Google Cast extension in your Chrome browser from your Google Chromecast, and try reconnecting.

But what if you’ve tried that, too, and the sound still isn’t working? I’ve got a couple more tricks up my sleeve that may hopefully solve your sound issue.

Google Chrome Browser

  1. Open your Chrome browser, go to the Google Cast extension in the upper right-hand corner, and click on it.Chromecast Selection
  2. Click on the small arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the box where you select your Chromecast. Then click “Cast this tab (optimize for audio).”  Click Google cast arrow

You should now hear and see what you’re casting on your TV.

Other Suggestions

If you’re still in a pickle, another thing you can try is turning off the TV for a minute or two to reset everything. That could sort things out if the problem is a bug in your TV.

Is your Google Chromecast powered by a USB port on the back or side of your TV? Plug your Chromecast directly into a wall outlet for power, instead of using the TV to power it. Turn everything back on and see if you have sound now.

You can control the volume on the Google Chromecast from your smartphone if you are using it to cast to your TV.  Make sure the volume is turned up on your device.

I know from personal experience that my Google Chromecast won’t work properly through an HDMI extender—the audio works, but the video doesn’t. But when my Chromecast is plugged directly into an HDMI port on the back of my TV, the Chromecast works without a hitch.

You can do a lot with Chromecast, once you get it working properly. Hopefully, one of these solutions has resolved the sound problem with your Chromecast device, and you can enjoy fully functioning audio and video after reading this post.

Posted by Heather on June 2, 2016

28 thoughts on “How To Fix TV Sound Problems with Chromecast”

Dennis Leman says:
Chromecast desktop to TV worked on day one and on day two no audio. After fiddling with a lot of settings, reinstalling everything and so forth with no joy I finally switched HDMI ports. Works .. 🙂 .. !!
Joe says:
I have had all the same problems as everyone who’s posted here. Then it dawned on me – when I use a program called “Videostream” everything works perfectly, video AND audio. That being said, when I try to play a movie directly from my Video library to Chromecast, I get no audio no matter what fix I use. So, to keep my sanity, and to enjoy my movies, I will always use Videostream. It’s free and it works beautifully.
Auirmar says:
I did everything above and the sound, after 30 minutes trasmitting from my notebook to my TV, sudeenly stops. Exactly 30 minutes after the movie/series/etc starts, it suddenly stops and I have to reconect chromescast all over again with my TV. Does anybody know what is it about?
Dawn says:
THANK YOU!!!! Changing the port solved the problem, it was driving me crazy, now I can binge-watch the rest of the day. 🙂
BOB says:
If I go to the main HDMI then I don’t have sound for my cable. So I have to keep changing back and forth? Kind of defeats the purpose
Hi. I have Netflix and able to connect to Chrome cast with no issues. The sound is on. However problem stats if I click pause. The sound doesn’t return even after disconnecting and reconnecting. Any ideas?
Andrew Tuttle says:
This is the exact same problem I’m having. So frustrating! If you find a fix please share. Thanks

Galaxy S7 > Netflix > Chromecast > Vizio 4k smart TV

Maarten says:
Thx! Problem solved!
Paula Lewis says:
I’ve been the same problem with sound on my Netflix and casting to my Chromecast, thing is not all the shows or movies has a sound issue.

But it seems that most of the new shows won’t play sound I go to the older programs and I hear the sound just fine.I play you tube or anything else and stream it no problem, it just seems to effect netflix and I only have one HDMI port.

I’m just not sure weather is Chromecast, Netflix or my TV that has the issue.

shahruh says:
i recently downlaoded kodi, and trying to play it on my tv through chrome cast. the picture is coming but no sound.
the sound of youtube and netflix comes perfectly on the tv, but not kodi

pls inform how to get sound

Foo says:
My Chromecast has a crackling sound and no audio at times. I tested on two different TVs yielding the same problem.

I’m not sure if it’s the HDMI cable on the Chromecast or the audio processor chip giving issues.

I’m thinking how to replace the Chromecast internal HDMI cable connected to the motherboard.


erich h says:
Same here, the last time this happened , it died a few weeks later. foo, I’m curious to see if yours died yet, being your post is 5 months old now? I bought a second one a year ago and now this one is doing it too. Thanks
Lisa says:
I have chromecast working but it only plays through HDMI3. Even though i have it plugged into HDMI1 on the side of my TV. I assume because it doesn’t play on HDMI1, I am unable to get the audio to go through the 5.1 speakers. Is there something in the TV settings I could change? All other HDMI ports are taken.
adela says:
Chromecast has nothing but problems. I am truly shocked that they would go to market with a product that is so flawed.
Larry says:
Anything I download to my Lg tablet will play movies from showbox fine.I use es file explorer for play back.As well installed All Cast and movies play fine. But recorded tv shows from Showbox or streaming I get picture I get no sound and there is a sound speaker ivon w no sound on tbe screen. How can I get sound on tv shows asxwell as my movies? Again movies from Showbox have sound only tv shows do not?
David Hilton says:
Since an update my Nexus 7 no longer streams sound on my Chromecast. The picture is ok.
Any suggestions?.
David Hilton says:
Since a software update my Nexus 7 has stopped streaming sound on my Chromecast.
Any suggestions?.
Emma says:
Hello! Im having some serious problem with my audio on my chromecast, it’s not in sync and the sounds is sparky as well. I have tried everything on the chromecast website, switching HDMI port restarting the tv, chromecast (even factory resetting it) and the router. I have also tried casting from both my computer and Android phone, looked into the advanced installation of the sound for the chromecast. I dont have any speakers to plug into the tv. But the thing is that its a brand new TV and the chromecast worked fine on my old one. No idea what the problem could be…
James says:
My case is a little different. I have been using my Optoma projector with chromecast for months without an issue. Got up this morning and no sound from the projector, either from the Chromecast or the BlueRay player, so the problem is apparently in the projector, not the chromecast.

I’ve already confirmed the audio for the projector is on and rebooted the chromecast.

liz says:
i am able to view from pc and from ipad both to the tv.. great video quality but no sound.. what am i doing wrong
camille barker says:
i was casting from my browser on gmail then i started casting direct from the chromebook and i lost sound on both the cast from browser and cast from chromebook so i had to reboot the chromecast now i only cast from the browser and have had no problem sense so stay away from the cast from chromebook that shows when you click on the time on the lower right corner.
Evelyn says:
I need help…bad!! I have chrome cast, but can only use it in the bedroom, because the tv in the livingroom’s sound doesn’t work. I have a soundbar that we use, instead. Is there a way to get the sound to work, using the soundbar along with the chromecast? I purchased the chromecast audio actually, today, to see if that would work, but they can’t “cast” simultaneously, unfortunately. Can anyone help me?? I’m beyond frustrated!! tyia
Tami Short says:
Evelyn, T’m sorry I don’t have an answer for you but the exact same question and I just wondered if you ever got yours to work? If you could help please let me know. Thank you, Tami
Hitesh Avlani says:
Thanks! Your article was very simple to understand and many option on resolving difficulties with chrome cast . was having problem with no audio. Changed the HDMI, did not helped, switched off all the connected sockets and TV! HURRAY and I have the audio.
Rosiland Moore says:
Changing HDMI port fixed it. Thank you. #AggravatedWithPlugN(o)Play
Heather says:
Hello Audrey,

Which app were you trying to cast to your Samsung Tv through the Chromecast ? This will help me try to solve your issue.


Heather says:
Hey Martyn,

Thank you for the information!

becca says:
I cast (wirelessly, using google cast) from my Mac Powerbook all the time. Brand of computer doesn’t matter. Haven’t tried it on the iphone. (It’s a really old powerbook, too – mid-2009. Actually works better on a newer model.)
audrey says:
I set up chromecast on my samsung tv. I used my iPhone to cast. No audio. I phoned Samsung support and they told me that I can’t use an apple product to cast to my samsung tv. Is this correct? If so, consumers should be informed before buying a chromecast.
Richard R says:
they straight up lied to you. i know FOR A FACT that it works. because ive done it. my father in law recently bought a samsung tv and has a chromecast. my iphone casts to it prefectly fine
big M says:
chrome cast is not an Apple product is completely different
Martyn says:
I’ve had problems with Netflix not casting the audio correctly for a while, work-arounds like not using the netflix app but screencasting from phone/tablet worked. But now I think I have solved the problem! Netflix seems to default to 5.1 audio, if your TV doesn’t have dolby digital plus 5.1 the audio just wont work or you’ll get back ground noises with no dialogue, check the settings in Netflix, make sure it is in Stereo and not something fancy.
Heather says:
Hi Clyde,
I’m sorry you’re having a hard time getting sound to work. Do you have a sound system that you could connect to your television instead of the built in Tv speakers? Then, connect the Chromecast to the HDMI port of your television and sound should work. Also, make sure you’ve installed the most current version of Google Chrome browser.
Clyde Phillips says:
Unfortunately none of your Solutions work as I have tried literally every configuration possible and done all the reboot unplug plug in as required let me ask is there a box that I could plug the HDMI cable into and then have separate HDMI out and RCA jack out or something of that nature before it even gets to the television that I could plug audio into something separate

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