How To Speed Up Steam Downloads

Steam is the most popular gaming platform on PC, with millions of active daily users. The size of its user base shouldn’t come as a surprise because the platform offers a massive number of games which can be purchased at affordable prices and played instantly.

Well, not really instantly. First, you need to download your game, which can be difficult at times. Modern games are becoming larger every year because of all the graphics and customization improvements. AAA titles can take up to 100 GB of space, which is enormous compared to game sizes from just 5 years ago.

Other gamers would tell you to get a better connection or to get off the McDonald’s Wi-Fi, but sometimes games download forever even if you have ultrafast fibre-optic Internet. This is not due to your connection, but rather due to some in-app issues Steam has.

Read on to find out how to speed up your steam downloads.

5 Ways to Speed Up Steam Downloads

Don’t lose hope if your Steam download speed remains the same after trying out one of these methods. Go through all of them and you will surely see some improvement.

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1. Terminate Unnecessary Processes

Everyone should know this one, but let us go over it just in case. Open up Task Manager pressing the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete buttons at the same time or Ctrl, Shift, and Esc. Close your browser and other programs which can be affecting your download speed.

Look at the Network tab to see if something is hogging it. Simply click on End task after selecting the program that is giving you trouble and it should close right away.

task manager

2. Give Priority to Steam Downloads

You can also use the Task Manager to assure maximum download speed on Steam. Make sure Steam is running and then open the Task Manager. Find Steam Client on the list of processes, right-click it, and click Go to details.

In the details window, you need to right-click the SteamService.exe process and set its priority to High. This method might not do wonders for your Steam download speed, but at least it will prioritize it over the other currently running programs.

steam service priority

3. Check Your Download Region and Bandwidth Limit

Did you know that Steam uses your location for downloads? Your download speed will be affected by the region you are in, but Steam can sometimes detect the wrong region. For optimal results, you should always select your region or one closest to you.

You can do this by following these steps:

  1. When you open Steam, click on the Steam menu in the top-left corner.
  2. Then select Settings.
  3. Click on the Downloads section.
  4. You will see Download Region with a dropdown menu where you can select the region closest to you.
  5. Also, make sure that the “Limit bandwidth to” option is set to No limit.
    steam download settings

Note that sometimes the region closest to you is not the most suitable option. This is due to high amounts of traffic in said region, so selecting a different location can sometimes actually increase your download speed even if it is further away.

4. Disable Your Antivirus and Firewall

Sometimes your firewall or antivirus programs interfere with your download speeds. Try to disable each of them to see if there is any change. Check out the manual or website of your antivirus provider to see how to disable it.

Windows 10 firewall can be easily disabled by typing firewall in the start menu and then selecting Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off. Finally, you need to confirm this by selecting the Turn off Windows Defender Firewall checkbox and pressing OK.


5. Optimize Your Internet Connection

Not everyone can afford the best internet connection speeds, but at least you can optimize it to its full potential. First of all, try to always have a cable Ethernet connection while you are downloading anything, including games on Steam. Wi-Fi does not always provide optimal download speeds.

Make sure your LAN drivers are up to date to reap the full benefits of this type of connection. There are many programs which can easily update all your drivers, but most of them are expensive. SlimDrivers comes in both free and premium versions which are both good for downloading all the latest drivers.

Release Some Steam

Slow internet speed is one of the most frustrating things in modern society. Hopefully, this will help you download your games faster, just in time for the next big Steam sale.

Did these methods help improve your download speeds? Which titles are you most eager to get your hands on in the next Steam sale? Let us know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “How To Speed Up Steam Downloads”

Avatar David C says:
The “throttle downloads while streaming” box was checked on mine. lol.

Unchecked it and jumped from 14.8Mb/s to 85.


Avatar Ankit Suhane says:
Disabling Firewall really worked and boosted my download speed. Awesome bro!

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