How to Split Screen on iPad Pro

iPad Pro is a true powerhouse of a tablet and some even go so far to say that it’s the best model Apple released to date. As such, it is great at multitasking and allows you to make your workflow more efficient. Splitting the screen is only one of the ways to get the most from iPad Pro.

This article features actions and ticks to take full advantage of the split-screen function. A special section is dedicated to iOS 13 Beta which takes this feature to the next level and provides a more streamlined workflow. Keep on reading for more.

Basic Split-Screen Actions

Apple calls split-screen Split View, and that’s how we’ll refer to it in this article. Anyway, here is how to do it.

Step 1

Launch an app and swipe up to access the iPad dock. Tap and hold the other app on the dock, then drag it to the right side of the screen.

step 1

Step 2

When you release the app it opens in Slide Over. To get Split View, move the window resizing bar down and the two apps should pop together and cover the entire screen.

Note: In iOS 12, the Slide Overview can only be invoked on the right side of the screen.

Adjustments and Closing

If you want the apps to take equal screen space, move the divider to the middle of the screen. To get Slide Over, you should swipe down one or the other app. Of course, you should swipe from the top of the screen. Once you are done multitasking, just move the divider all the way to the right or left to close the app.

Note: Aside from iPad Pro, Split View also works in iPad Air 2 and newer versions. 5th generation iPad and newer models are also covered, as well as iPad mini 4 and newer models.

Split View File Sharing

Split View allows you to drag and drop images, text, and other files from one app into another. For example, you can copy the text from Notes into an email and then add videos or images from Photos.

Step 1

Get the apps in Split View and adjust the window size to your preferences. This also works in Slide Over but Split View gives you a superior overview of the files you need to share.

Split View File Sharing

Step 2

Tap and hold the file or image you want to use. When it lifts up, just drag and drop it into the destination app. There is also an option to select multiple files/images. To do it, lift one image/file up and use another finger to add more items (a badge appears to show you how many you’ve selected).

To move text, select all of it first – press onto the text and choose “Select All” from the pop-up bar. Tap and hold the selected text and, when it lifts from the app, you can drag and drop it into the other app.

Picture in Picture

This is not exactly the same as Split View, but the feature comes in handy when you want to FaceTime while playing a game or watching a video. Tap the “arrow in the box” icon to scale the window down and get the picture in picture view.

You can do this with either the main or the secondary app window. For example, you can minimize the video you are watching and take a FaceTime call full screen or vice versa. To revert back to the full screen tap the scale icon again.

Picture in Picture

iPad iOS 13 Beta Tricks

With the new operating system, Slide Over can be launched from either side of the screen. Yes, it is possible to move the Slide Over window in iOS 12, but you can only invoke it from the right side.

In addition, iOS 13 allows you to stack multiple Slide Over windows on top of each other. Access the dock, pick up an app, and drop it into Slide Over. If you decide to open another app opposite the Slide Over stack, the entire stack moves.

There is also an option to swipe between the apps in the Slide Over stack. To do it, swipe right on the Home indicator at the bottom. Plus, you get a Slide Over switcher if you swipe up from the Home indicator, it lists all the apps for easier access and closing.

iOS 13 Beta features improved Split View for windows from the same apps. In iOS 12 you are only able to do it in Safari, while in iOS 13 the function expands to Notes, Reminders, etc. What’s more, there is an option to mix and match windows and keep multiple Split View windows on.

The updated iPad app switcher allows you to preview all workspaces. To access it, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, then move slightly to the left.

You also get App Expose with iOS 13. se capacitive touch to open app options and select “Show All Windows.” This brings up all opened windows (App Expose), including the ones in Split View.

Right Down the Middle

With this article, we’ve just scratched the surface of everything you can do with Split View. This goes double for different options to utilize Split View and Slide Over in iOS 13. Judging by what’s available in beta, things are looking quite promising.

Which apps do you use is Split View most often? Do you maybe like Slide Over better than Split View? Share your preferences in the comments section.

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