How To Use Split View in OS X

split screen on OS X

With the release of OS X El Capitan, Apple took productivity to a whole new level with the introduction of Split View, a multitasking dream feature that lets you work in two apps at the same time on one monitor. As the name implies, Split View divides your screen in half, giving you the ability to view two running processes side by side at the same time.

split screen on OS X

Ready to try out Split View for yourself? Here’s how to get it up and running:

1. Press and hold the full-screen green button in the upper-left corner of any running app. The window of this app will automatically resize to fill half your screen. You can move the app to either the left or right side of your screen if you like.

splitting a screen in OS X


2. Click and hold the green full-screen button in any other open browser window or app and it will fill the second half of your screen.

Alternately, you can enable Split View through Mission Control if you already have an application running in full-screen mode. To enable Split View using this method, simply open Mission Control and drag the second app you want to share your screen on top of the app you already have running. Doing this will open both apps automatically in Split View mode.

Split View’s default is to display your new side by side window in an even 50-50 split, but you needn’t stick with this. You can resize both windows to whatever dimensions you like by sliding the black divider line in the center of your screen left or right until you find the perfect fit for your needs.

adjust split view screen

To exit Split View, tap the green full-screen button on either app.

Posted by Will on February 1, 2016

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