How To Make a Spoiler Tag in Discord

Posted by Max Moeller on June 19, 2019

As you may know, Discord is a proprietary free Voice Over IP (VOIP) service used by gamers, entrepreneurs, startups, and other groups who need a place to talk about things online. The platform is fun, lighthearted, and provides a great space for discussion and banter.

However, while you can decorate your messages with emojis, gifs, and images, some people are unaware of the Markdown formatting features included in Discord. In fact, this feature is one of the most useful on the platform, enabling users to add all sorts of formatting to messages, including bold, italics, code formatting. Discord Markdown even enables Discord users to indicate a “spoiler alert!”

If you’ve been looking for a way to make a spoiler tag in Discord, we’ve got you covered.

How To Create A Spoiler Alert Tag in Discord

Creating a spoiler tag in Discord is incredibly simple. All you need to do is type your phrase out, and surround it by two bars on either side. Represented by the || key, || these bars will ensure all of your chat is hidden within a spoiler tag, requiring others to click to reveal the information. These vertical bars are also referred to as the pipe symbol in more technical circles, especially developers.

When you put the spoiler in between two sets of two pipes the || Words that are part of the spoiler phrase || will only be seen by other Discord users who click on the phrase to expand and read what it says. Those who want to keep the spoiler a secret (e.g., they have not yet seen the movie or show the spoiler talks about) refrain from clicking on the spoiler phrase.

Now that you know how to make a spoiler tag in Discord, check out these other Markdown tags available on the Discord platform to help you format your text:

Italics: *phrase* or _phrase_

Bold: **phrase**

Bold Italics: ***phrase***

Underline: _phrase_

Underline Italics: _*phrase*_

Underline Bold: _**phrase**_

Underline Bold Italics: _***phrase***_

Strikethrough: ~~phrase~~

Also, if you’ve no desire to use Markdown but want to use Markdown symbols in your text, place a backslash at the start of the phrase. That way, you can use asterisks and other Markdown symbols. However, this backslash feature doesn’t work in messages that have edits or underscores.

Markdown has become the standard formatting markup language in use today as it is very easy to use and because Markdown is much easier to read compared to HTML and other markup languages.

Inline Code and Blocks of Code

Interestingly, Discord supports code blocks as well. To do so, simply wrap your text in something called a backtick for inline code: `

You can create a code block with multiple lines by placing three backticks at the beginning of a block of code and after a block of code. This method is sometimes called a code fence with “` before and “` after the block of code.

Socially Acceptable

Since its inception, Discord has grown into one of the most used platforms on all of the internet. Coders, gamers, writers, blockchain enthusiasts, and more have all found their home there. Users have made best friends thanks to its voice chat and screen sharing features as well. It’s almost as if you’re in the same room as them when using Discord.

Plus, the company works directly with game developers to enable special integrations. Some games show hour counts and what the player is doing, all viewable from within the platform. Users can connect their Xbox Live or Twitch accounts as well for the same effect. Surprisingly, Discord even connects to Spotify so users can share their music as they wish.

Recently, Discord even introduced a storefront similar to Steam or Origin. Developers using Discord’s storefront receive bigger cuts than on Steam. However, not just anyone can be on the platform. Instead, Discord employees hand-pick all of the different games available, ensuring that the storefront never becomes bloated like Steam. Gamers can be sure that anything they buy is of complete quality through this platform.

Discord is just getting started, too. The platform only started as a VOIP service, and it has grown into something amazing with lots of new Discord users joining every day. Who knows where Discord will be in a few years from now.

If you want to learn more about formatting in Discord check out How To Change the Text Color in Discord and How To Quote Someone On Discord.

Do you have any Markdown tips or tricks that are applicable to Discord? If so, please leave a comment below!

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