Sponsor: Manage Your Data & Encrypt Your iOS Backups with DearMob iPhone Manager

Posted by TekRevue Staff on May 11, 2018
dearmob iphone manager

When it comes to our digital lives, our iPhones contain a tremendous amount of data. From our personal music and media collections, to more important categories like contact information, text messages, and calendars, our iPhones are home to our most personal and crucial information. It’s therefore important to backup, transfer, and manage this data in a secure way, and for this task we recommend DearMob iPhone Manager.

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There are many applications which can backup and transfer your iPhone data, but DearMob stands apart by offering robust encryption for your iPhone data. We all know that Apple encrypts your data by default while it’s on the iPhone, but if you back up or transfer that data without encryption, you leave it vulnerable to theft or hacking. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your iPhone backups and transferred data are encrypted as well, and DearMob iPhone Manager is one of the only iPhone data managers to include this crucial functionality.

dearmob iphone manager

With DearMob iPhone Manger, users can extract, transfer, and backup their complete set of iOS data, including photos, music, videos, application files, contact lists, podcasts, eBooks, voice memos, custom ringtones, calendar events, text messages, and more. When backing up your data, you can elect to secure private data, such as your photos, videos, and contact lists, by enabling password-based encryption. This prevents anyone who doesn’t have the password from accessing your most important information, and lets you not only create a safe and secure backup of your iOS device on your PC or Mac, but also help you securely transfer your information to a new device.

Once your files are encrypted, you can safely store them on your PC or Mac, upload them to the cloud, or back them up to your external drives and network attached storage. To further protect your data, DearMob iPhone Manager completely replaces the unencrypted original files with the new encrypted data, ensuring that no unsecured data remains behind for prying eyes to find.

dearmob iphone manager

But DearMob iPhone manager is more than just an iPhone backup application. It lets you selectively import and export photos, songs, and movies, and it can perform these transfers at high speed, with the ability to transfer 100 4K photos in just 8 seconds. It also offers full support for Apple’s new HEIC image format. And if you have music or movies stored in formats that are incompatible with iOS, DearMob iPhone manager can automatically convert them for you before transferring to your device.

dearmob iphone manager

Want even more? DearMob iPhone Manager also offers full support for iOS 11 application files — including Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and GarageBand — lets you mount your iOS device as an external USB device for handy file transfers, and lets you install non-App Store applications without needing to jailbreak your device!

Don’t settle for iTunes and the limited storage space and functionality of iCloud. DearMob iPhone Manager is the essential utility for every iOS device user. Check it out today for both Windows and macOS, and rest assured that it’s the right app for you with its 30-day money back guarantee.

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