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Posted by Jim Tanous on May 11, 2015

Thanks to their robust capabilities and unbeatable portability, the iPhone and iPad have become the primary computing devices for many users. But despite their flexibility, there are still many tasks that these iOS devices can’t perform, and one of those is downloading non-native files such as Mac and Windows apps, application data, or media files that aren’t supported in iOS. If you stumble upon one of these types of files while browsing on your iPhone or iPad and want to download it, you’re generally stuck copying the address of the file to a note or email, sending it to your Mac, and then manually downloading it when you get back to your home or office. But there’s a better way to manage Mac downloads on your iOS Device, and it’s called Transloader.

transloader for iOS and Mac

Transloader, made by our friends at Eternal Storm Software, is actually two apps working together: an iOS app that runs on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and a companion app for your Mac. Any file you designate via your iOS device will automatically download on your Mac. And because the two Transloader apps communicate via iCloud, it will work whether you’re on the other side of the house or the other side of the world.

transloader os x sync

The whole point of an app like Transloader is to make your mobile life easier, and so the iOS app includes handy features like download confirmation, which lets you know for sure that the file downloaded properly on your Mac, an iOS 8 Action Extension that lets you easily identify download links on a website, and full iOS Notification Center support. Meanwhile, Transloader for OS X lives quietly in your Mac’s menu bar, waiting for you to send a download link from your iOS device.

When browsing on our iOS devices, we’ve all encountered files we want or need to download that our iPhone or iPad just can’t handle. With Transloader, getting these files downloaded to our Mac is as simple as a few taps. If you’re like us and you’re constantly juggling between iPhone, iPad, and Mac, Transloader will quickly become the one app you simply can’t live without. But act soon, because Transloader for OS X is 33% off this week only. 

Transloader for iOS requires iOS 7 or newer, and you’ll need at least OS X Lion 10.7.3 to run Transloader for OS X. Both apps are available now from the iOS and Mac App Stores.

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