How to Set up a System Restore Point Desktop Shortcut

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System restore points can come in handy. With them you can restore your system back to a previous date, as covered in this system tools guide. This is how you can add a system restore shortcut to the Windows desktop that you can click to quickly set up a new system restore point.

First, check that the system restore points are enabled, which you can do by entering ‘system restore’ in the Cortana search box and clicking Create a system restore point to open the window in the snapshot below. If the system drive protection is on then system restore is enabled. If it isn’t, press the Configure button, select the Turn on system protection radio button, click Apply and press OK.

system restore

Next, you should right-click the Windows desktop and select New > Shortcut to open the window in the image directly below. Enter cmd.exe /k “wmic.exe /Namespace:\\root\default Path SystemRestore Call CreateRestorePoint “My Shortcut Restore Point”, 100, 7″ in the text box. Then press Next to continue.

system restore2

Now enter a title for the desktop shortcut. Enter the title ‘System Restore Point’ in the text box. Then press Finish to add to the shortcut to desktop as shown below.

system restore3

Right-click the shortcut and select Properties, and then press the Advanced button on Shortcuts tab. That will open the small window below that includes a Run as administrator option. Select that option and click OK, Apply and OK again to close the window.

system restore4

Now double-click the System Restore Point shortcut on the desktop to try it out. It should open the window with the output shown in the snapshot below. That sets up a new system restore point.

system restore5

You can check your new restore point by opening System Restore. Enter ‘system restore’ in the Cortana search box, click Create a restore button, press System Restore and then select Choose a different restore point. Click Next to open the restore point list below. You can select the new system restore point you just set up from there.

system restore6

If you usually use the system restore option, this shortcut will certainly come in handy. With it you can now quickly set up system restore points directly from the desktop.

Posted by Matthew on June 27, 2016

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