How to Take Beautiful Aerial Photographs with the DJI Inspire 1


In the last couple of years, the popularity of drones has increased significantly. These incredible tech gadgets have entered different areas of our lives and are widely used for various purposes. Mainly, the expansion of quadcopters has revolutionized photography, as it has given a new freedom to all photographers. DJI Inspire 1 is a product created with the purpose of producing perfect high quality images and videos. The drone design is intended to make it easier for users to navigate and focus on photography.



This incredible quadcopter is equipped with an incredible 9-layer lens camera with 20mm focal length, which is responsible for the creation of beautiful 4K videos and images. One of great advantages that this model offers is the amazing gimbal. The unique DJI gimbal is equipped with a processor responsible for constantly leveling the camera, no matter the position of the drone.

This feature makes it possible for the drone to create flawless steady footage, while it is constantly on the move. Gimbal motors are capable of rotating the camera 360 degrees horizontally. When it comes to vertical positioning, the camera can move 90 degrees downwards and 30 degrees upwards. This kind of flexibility provides more options for taking quality images from different angles.

Remote controller


After the camera, the remote controller is the next thing that will make it possible for you to easily snap those crispy images. The controller is equipped with DJI Lightbridge technology, which displays what the drone’s camera is currently seeing. This feature also increases the range distance to up to 3.1 miles. The advanced controller is equipped with intuitive buttons for shooting a video or a photo.

Additionally, there are dials responsible for the control of the gimbal position, which allows you to set up the camera position easily. There is also a button for turning on the autopilot, which will make the drone come back to your location. Additionally, there is the option of dual operator control. This makes it easier to navigate the Inspire 1 with a friend.

The master controller is responsible for drone control, whereas the slave controller is responsible for the control of the camera. With the right coordination and communication, creating incredible videos is much easier to achieve when two people are controlling the device. These numerous controller features make it incredibly simple to control the Inspire drone.


The Inspire 1 is equipped with incredible software. It clearly displays the level of your battery, the health of the battery and it informs you about the fly time at your disposal. The software is completely smooth, without any noticeable glitches.

With equipment like this, taking extraordinary photos depends solely upon your imagination and skill, as the device is perfectly optimized for taking high quality videos and photos. When flying this machine, all you have to worry about is whether you have picked the right spot that contains a lot of details, since this camera can really take a challenge and capture some of the most beautiful sights in the world, without any problems. Take up a course or two, and once you know the basics of photography, you will be capable of unleashing the full potential of this drone.

Posted by Ivan on March 1, 2016

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