How to Take Notes in Edge

We previously discussed how to take notes in Chrome.You can also take notes in Windows 10’s Edge browser without any extra extensions. Edge already has options you can select to take notes.

Open a website page in Edge, and then click the Make a Web note button on the right of the browser’s toolbar. That will open the note toolbar shown in the shot below. This note option also captures a snapshot of the page, which you can now add notes to.

Edge note

Press the Add typed note option on the left of the toolbar. Then click anywhere on the page below to add the note text box. Now you can enter some text in the note box. Drag the number beside the text box to move the note.

Edge note2
Further to the left of the toolbar are Pen and Highlighter options. With those you can scribble on the page. The options are much the same, except that Pen has a few more colors to choose from. Click the small arrow at the bottom of the options’ buttons to open the palette below.

Edge note3

There is also a Clip option included on the note toolbar. With that you can capture a snapshot of the website page and save it to the Clipboard. Press the Clip button and then drag a rectangle over the area of the page to include in the snapshot. That will copy it, and you can paste the snapshot into Paint by pressing Ctrl + V.

Edge note4

Press the Save Web Note button to save the note. Then you can open it by pressing the Hub button on the browser’s main toolbar. Open a note from there by clicking its thumbnail preview.

Edge note5

This note option is a handy addition to Edge. With that you can now take notes and capture page snapshots.

Posted by Matthew on May 19, 2016

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