How To Target Fans of Other Pages with Facebook Ads

Posted by Jamie on March 23, 2018

Facebook is a viable way to advertise yourself online given it has millions of daily users and its advertising features are becoming more powerful all the time. If you’re planning a campaign on the network, one quick way to get started it to seek out a ready-made audience. One place to find those is on competitor’s Facebook pages.

Targeting fans of other pages with Facebook ads is a quick and easy way to jump start an ad campaign or leverage similarities in a good way. For example, say you’re a DJ and everyone keeps saying your sound is like Armin Van Buuren. Or you’re a musician with a voice like Adele. You can target fans of Armin or Adele’s page with your own Facebook ads to make the most of that similarity.

While on the surface it may seem like you’re stealing their fans. You’re not. You are targeting them and offering them the opportunity to also benefit from a similar product. Brands do this all the time as those ready filtered demographics take the hard work out of advertising campaigns.

Facebook Interests

When you begin a Facebook ad campaign, you fill in a web form that decides who you want your ad to reach. Facebook can then target your ad at that audience to offer the most value for money and return on your advertising buck. One of the sections you fill in is Interests.

It is within the Interests section you can find out if you can target fans of other pages with your Facebook ads. If you type in the page name in the Suggestions box at the bottom of the Interest section, the page should come up. If it does, you can target it. If the page does not appear, you cannot target it.

Nobody knows exactly why some pages can be targeted and some cannot but the fact remains. If the page appears, you can target it. How exactly? You use the Facebook Ads Manager.

Facebook Ads Manager

The Facebook Ads Manager is where you go to set up any ad within the social network.

  1. Navigate to Facebook Ads Manager here.
  2. Select an objective from the center box and give your campaign a name.
  3. Create an Ad Set.
  4. Select an Audience and then add in the details.
  5. Select Detailed Targeting.
  6. Type in the name of the target page in the Interests section in the center of the page.
  7. If the page appears, select Add.
  8. Select Save once you have finished any other selections you may require.

Once you have selected the page and target audience, you will obviously need to go back to the main advert page and select Placement, Budget & Schedule and then create the ad itself.

You can select an ad format, select media type and then add text to your add within this section. Remember your target audience and write for them, not for yourself. If you can, find an ad that the page you are targeting runs and use it as inspiration. Don’t copy it or make your ad too similar otherwise you will be competing directly with them. You want to be listed separately and not go toe to toe with them as they may have a higher advertising budget than you.

Once you have crafted your ad, make sure to preview it. The preview tool, while better than it was, is still a little flawed. It does not show you how your ad will appear on different devices and does not always show the actual ad as it will appear on a page. It will however give you a rough idea of how it will look and allow you to tweak word count, image and layout as required.

Once you are happy with your Facebook ad, have chosen a Facebook pixel and are ready to publish, select Place Order. You will need to add your payment details if you haven’t run a Facebook ad before which will be saved in your account. Once everything has been configured and paid for, the ad will go live. It may not be instant but should appear live fairly quickly within Facebook Ads Manager.

Setting up a Facebook ad takes time and a lot of configuration but it is important to get these things right. Not only will the ad stand a much better chance of succeeding, you begin paying for the ad as soon as it goes live!

Have you targeted fans of other pages with Facebook ads? Does it work? Did it work for you? Tell us about your experience below!

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