How To Tell if Someone Blocked you on Instagram

Posted by Jamie on May 30, 2019

Social networks are a dichotomy. On one hand they are a harsh space where people are way more vicious or uncaring than they ever would be in real life. On the other it’s a place where feelings get hurt over nothing and where a seemingly innocuous comment can see you socially shunned for no good reason. Blocking is one way of shunning someone on social media and with Instagram riding a wave of popularity right now it makes sense to begin there.

So can you tell if someone blocked you on Instagram?

The answer isn’t as straightforward as we would like.

Has someone blocked you on Instagram?

Instagram does not notify you if you have been blocked. No social network does to my knowledge. It goes against what they are trying to do in creating a space where everyone interacts and have a good time. Reminding someone that they have been shunned by someone is not a good way to endear you to that network, so they don’t say.

There are signs that someone may have blocked you though. They are not definitive by any means and could easily be something else but if you experience a couple of these and think you may have been blocked, it might be true.

Check their Instagram profile

Select a comment they made on one of your posts and try to go to their profile. When you land on the profile, if you see a post count but no posts, it’s a good sign you have been blocked. You will likely see their profile page with the counts at the top as usual, their profile pic and basic details. So far so normal.

When you scroll down, where you would usually see a list of their latest posts or comments, you will see ‘No Posts Yet’. This could be a sign you have been blocked.

Check your Instagram DMs

If you have Direct Messaged the person you think blocked you on Instagram, you can check your DMs to check. If you can see the messages, you’re not blocked. If your DMs have disappeared, you may have been blocked.

Use Instagram search

Searching for the profile in Instagram is a prime way to find out if you have been blocked or not. If they come up in search and you see the same as above, the counts, profile pic but ‘No Posts Yet’ then you could have been blocked.

If you see the profile page as normal with counts and posts or you see ‘This Account is Private’ you have not been blocked.

Use a web search

If you have a browser to hand, you can use a simple web search to find out if you have been blocked on Instagram. Log into Instagram on the web and use the search https://www.instagram.com/USERNAME and switch USERNAME for the person’s username. If you’re blocked you will see ‘Sorry this page isn’t available’.

You will also see this message of they have deactivated their account so it isn’t an exact science. You can check that by logging out of Instagram on the web, opening an Incognito window and using the above URL again. If you still see ‘Sorry this page isn’t available’, the person may indeed have deactivated their account. If you see a profile outline, they are active but you are likely blocked.

Phone a friend

The final way I know of to see if you’re blocked on Instagram is to ask a friend to check. Ask them to check the person’s profile or posts and see what comes up. If they see the same things as you, it may not be a block at all. If they see their profile and can see posts, then it is likely you that has been blocked.

So you’re blocked on Instagram, what now?

You have two options if you have been blocked by someone on social media. You can forget them and move on or you can try to find out what happened and repair the damage. What you do depends on how good a friend they are and whether you value that friendship or not. Only you can answer that.

If you decide to move on, more power to you. There are millions of other people online and on Instagram so you should quickly find someone else to interact with. Blocking happens all the time for all kinds of reasons and sometimes for no reason at all. It’s not always personal.

If you do value the friendship, contact them on another network or directly and ask them what is going on. Be nice, be calm and just ask the question. Going in with both barrels will not get you what you want so make sure they know you are asking out of concern and not out of ego. Then do what you can to repair the damage depending on what they say.

It isn’t as easy as it could be to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram. There are signs but they are far from precise. The above signs should give you an idea and where you go from there is entirely up to you!

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